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Re: [dubailug] 'Just-works' Distros

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  • Moeen A
    In network-admin you can see all the wireless networks in area, and it will auto-config them, but only for WiFi. It doesn t support Bluetooth. There are
    Message 1 of 11 , Sep 1, 2007
      In network-admin you can see all the wireless networks
      in area, and it will auto-config them, but only for
      WiFi. It doesn't support Bluetooth. There are seperate
      applications for Bluetooth in Gnome :)

      --- Sean Craig <sean@...> wrote:



      I did find the network admin, but I'm looking for
      something likeknetworkmanager that will show all the
      wireless networks in the areaand auto-config the
      selected network.

      Same goes for bluetooth devices.....



      Moeen A wrote: If you use Gnome, write
      "network-admin" in terminal, andconfigure your network
      interfaces there :)
      You can find this application in Gnome menus as well.

      Sean Craig <sean@...> wrote:
      You'reright about merging debian sources into Ubuntu -
      I misread somethingvery late last night.

      I did find something that really tickles my fancy -
      elive - a Debiandistro using Enlightenment. I had
      played around with 'e' a long timeago, and liked what
      I saw. For those on the list not in the
      know,enlightenment (or just e) was the original
      theme-able, customisabledo-what-you-want-with-it
      desktop manager.

      A question for Debian users - How do you select which
      wireless networkto use? I can't find anything like



      Brad Campbell wrote:
      Sean Craig wrote:

      Hi,I'd read that while Debian is very stable, support
      for new devices and new software is slow to get added
      .... is this true? Ubuntu is Debian-based, but
      Debian-sourced packages are seldom merged into the
      Ubuntu development tree....

      Stable Debian is just that, pretty much unchanging
      for usually about 2 years at a time. So no, new
      device support goes against the stable mantra. I
      usually compile my own kernels and run a Debian
      stable base on my servers (and tv box actually), so I
      upgrade the kernel when I need to for new hardware
      support. As for Ubuntu, not quite sure where you get
      your info from, but it merges and updates Debian
      sourced packages incredibly regularly. This ensures
      currency of packages in addition to picking up all the
      security related fixes in a timely manner. Brad
      (Debian unstable and Ubuntu-devel follower)

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