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Hi Leader in Discovery Triangle

  • Jane Vadheim
    Jun 23, 2005 Expand Messages
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      Hi Leader in Discovery Triangle

      While living in one of the most beautiful areas of Canada is a blessing, communicating with other Guiders in our Area to share ideas and ask questions can be a challenge. This is an invitation to join an e-group just for Leaders in Discovery Triangle.

      This discussion forum is for Girl Guides of Canada Guiders or Leaders who are located in the Discovery Triangle Area of BC. This is a great forum to get to know each other and discover what’s working (or not) for other Guiders in our Area. We will share ideas for meetings, programs, camps, guest speakers, outings and whatever else is appropriate to Guiding. Opinions can be sought and questions asked.

      All messages will adhere to the Promise & Law we have all chosen to follow. Respect for each other and ourselves is mandatory.

      This is a e-group run by us for us.