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NYKC discount & Freya Hoffmeister

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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2010
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      Dear Boathouse Volunteer

      I meet Freya during the first Storm Gathering, which was held in Scotland this is a rare opportunity to hear about a remarkable expedition.

      In January 2009 Freya Hoffmeister, a 46-year-old kayaker from Husum, Germany, set out to paddle around a continent in a sea kayak. In December of that year, 322 days and over 8500 miles later, she had completed a solo circumnavigation of Australia, considered one of, if not the most challenging endeavors in the world of sea kayaking. Many other kayakers have attempted the circumnavigation since Paul Caffyn did it 27 years ago, but all of them stopped well short of the goal. Freya?s ?Race Around Australia? was completed in record time and established her as the first woman to complete the journey.

      What made it so formidable? Huge saltwater crocodiles, great white sharks, venomous sea snakes and deadly jelly fish, massive surf, the challenge of coordinating freshwater and food dumps, three 100-mile stretches of sheer cliffs without any landing zones and dangerous cyclones were some of the most daunting threats. As an extra challenge she made an 8-day, 7-night crossing of the 350-mile-wide Gulf of Carpentaria. In spite of the physical toll of paddling in the tropical heat Freya averaged upward of 35 miles per day for nearly a year.

      Join us for Freya's live talk and slide presentation, "Race Around Australia" at the Picnic House on the southwest corner of Pier 40 (West Houston & West St.) in Hudson River Park at from 5:30 to 8PM on Tuesday, June 29. The presentation will start at 6PM. There will be time for Q&A after the talk.

      Admission is $25. Proceeds will be divided between Freya, to defray expenses, and Friends of Hudson River Park ? a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting, completing, and sustaining the entire Hudson River Park through advocacy, coalition building, and fundraising.

      Contact NY Kayak Co.

      Our friends at NY Kayak Company are having a Downtown Boathouse volunteer sale all this week, through this weekend (6/27/10). All items not previously marked down will be 10% off for Downtown Boathouse volunteers. Just say you heard it on the volunteer email. So go to NY Kayak Company (Pier 40, 1-800-529-2599) and stock up on lights, get a new pfd or paddle, or get that rash guard, shorts, or pair of paddle shoes you've been wanting because let's face it, the ones you have are getting really funky. Plus, you'll be supporting our local kayak shop. Thanks, Randy.


      Have fun see you on the water

      Thank you
      The DBTH Board of Directors
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