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Hiring at NVIDIA, OS INTERNALS ARCHITECT #1134588 , Santa Clara,

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  • Yuvraj Khanna
    Please email me your resume at rkhanna@NVIDIA.com   I am doing a search for a very senior architect level professional who comes with   - Extensive
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2008
      Please email me your resume at rkhanna@...
      I am doing a search for a very senior architect level professional who comes with
      - Extensive experience in OS Internals( more on memory management, thread/scheduling) and core kernel development
      -proven track record of successful product role out
      -WDM driver experience is highly desired.
      NVIDIA's Kernel Mode Display Driver group is looking for an accomplished system level software specialist to architect our kernel mode graphics driver. This driver is critical to the success of NVIDIA' highly successful GPU business. The performance and stability of this driver are of utmost importance and an individual capable of identifying architectural weaknesses, foreseeing new developments which will require re-architecture of the driver and designing and driving those architectural changes.

      The Kernel Mode Display Driver architect should have a very strong background in architecting complex system level software. A strong background in the Windows and Vista kernel and driver models is essential. Knowledge of CPU and GPU architecture would be highly advantageous. This role requires excellent communication skills and the ability to work cross group and cross discipline. A key aspect of this job is interacting with NVIDIA' GPU hardware architects.

      This is an exciting and challenging role and offers enormous potential for positively impacting our business and customer experiences.

      - BS in computer science with at least 8 years experience. MS or PhD in computer science or related discipline is advantageous
      - Proven track record architecting systems level software
      - Strong systems software design and implementation skills
      - Experience with Windows kernel and driver model
      - Knowledge of CPU and/or GPU architecture
      - Knowledge of graphics drivers and hardware is highly advantageous
      - Excellent communication skills


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