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204Teaching with DroidQuest

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  • Ms Joan Sarah Touzet
    Nov 19, 2004
      Hi folks,

      Once again I'm teaching with DroidQuest, this time in
      Canada, at a middle school (grades 6 and 7). The kids
      absolutely love the game, but there are some general
      problems that are making using it as a teaching tool a
      little more challenging than it should be. For

      * The walkthroughs posted on droidquest.com mean
      kids can cheat on their homework. I'd be happier if
      the walkthroughs were only available via request only
      (for a zip file).

      * There are some misspellings in the tutorials that
      don't set a good example for the kids. For instance,
      "it's" is used instead of "its." Also, some sentences
      are not exactly grammatically correct.

      * Saving a game seems to freeze the game (Win XP
      Home, Java 1.4.2_05). Kids can quit and restart to
      restore their saved game, but it's a bit of a

      There are some other points, but these are the main
      ones for now. The kids absolutely LOVE the game.
      Their only complaint is they'd like to see a version
      with better graphics, and perhaps harder/newer
      puzzles. I may have to work on some new levels in my
      (copious?) spare time!

      Keep up the great work, Thomas!

      -Joan Touzet

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