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[Drive In Movie Madness] Re: I'm new - are foreigners allowed in here?

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  • LillyCats
    Whoa! Sounds like this move to the new location could be the answer to everyone s problems. And not far away, but far enough that it won t effect homes, etc..
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 27, 2003
      Whoa! Sounds like this move to the new location could be the answer
      to everyone's problems. And not far away, but far enough that it
      won't effect homes, etc.. That's so cool that you guys are located
      in the middle of nowhere, lol. And it sounds like you have some
      great folks that really know how to have fun at a drive-in. Bringing
      the family dog and cat along really says a lot, lol. I'd love to see
      what the area looks like and it would be great to see a website on
      your Australian drive-in. What are some of the top films you've
      shown there? I love horror and sci-fi films. When we went to the
      drive-in theaters we'd usually go to see a Vincent Price film or some
      other horror film. Your drive-in sounds like a real blast of fun.

      --- In driveinmoviemadness@yahoogroups.com, "crocgirl71"
      <crocgirl71@y...> wrote:
      > If we move, we'll only be moving 1km away from where we are now, so
      > I'm guessing the locals will be pretty much the same mob! lol. The
      > town loves the drive-in (we don't have a cinema within 500km), so
      > we're not closing or anything.
      > Actually now that most of our committee has had time to ponder on
      > the move, we're not all that against it. The location is
      > spectacular - in a natural amphitheatre at the base of a red rock
      > hill, surrounded by bushland. We'll be able to push it as a tourist
      > attraction, with nice new buildings etc.
      > We operate as a combination drive-in/walk-in, so the sound has to
      > pretty much externally mounted. This also lends itself to the way
      > people deck out their vehicles to go see a movie - mattresses on
      > roof racks, candelit picnic tables etc. I have even seen a truck
      > with an entire lounge room, including the family dog and pussycat,
      > loaded on the back! We don't want to lose this uniqueness.
      > Oh, we're called the Kununurra Picture Gardens, located in far
      > Western Australia. We are Australia's most remote drive-in theatre.
      > No website as yet, but I'm working on it. Will let you know.
      > Cheers,
      > CrocGirl
      > --- In driveinmoviemadness@yahoogroups.com, "LillyCats"
      > <lillycats@c...> wrote:
      > > That's very sad that they don't want a drive-in. So are you guys
      > > going to find a place for the new drive-in and find out if the
      > locals
      > > in the new area will love a drive-in come to them, lol.? Also
      > > you still going to have the speakers on the screen or find
      > > way for the speakers? What's the name of your drive-in now? And
      > am
      > > I asking too many questions, lol? LillyCats
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