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301Rumor has it Yahoo is thinking about........

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  • cleveland_host
    Apr 13, 2002
      charging for the Groups. I got a petition on it. If so, you might
      want to keep the following info handy since the link is a drive-in
      orientated crowd:

      > If you can't get the answer here, I'd say sign up
      > for the Joe Bob Briggs "Tightcircle" (which is a
      > round robin forum that comes to you via
      > email)<br><br>check out the link at
      > <br><a href=http://www.joebob-briggs.com
      target=new>http://www.joebob-briggs.com</a><br>for more
      information.<br><br>For an invite to the
      > Tightrcircle, go
      > to<br><a href=http://www.joebob-briggs.com/mailinglist.html
      briggs.com/mailinglist.html</a><br><br>It's a pretty active bunch and
      they talk a lot about
      > drive-ins and different movies that have played at
      > drive-ins.<br><br>Much more action than here.
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