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194Re: To open or not to ?? drive -in

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    Apr 2 1:16 PM
      Go Get Em Bumpers!!! We're All Rooting For
      Ya!!!<br><br>As for feasibility, I believe if you've been to a
      drive-in that is successful and have invested the proper
      curiosity toward detail (what they do and how they do it)
      in as many facets of the business as possible (leave
      no stone unturned in your study of the operation),
      then you have a blueprint for success!<br><br>Please
      be mindful also of common courtesy in location (as
      I'm sure you have been)...You'll not want to come
      within 30 miles or so of tresspassing on an existing
      sister drive-in's territory...The idea is to FURTHER the
      resurrection of the genre, not run another into hardship or
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