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116Re: A must read drive-in article!

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  • jungledrivein1952
    Aug 10, 2000
      Enjoyed your article. Where have all the drive-in
      movies gone? Let me tell you. In the 40s & 50s, mothers
      didn't work. There were not very many households with a
      TV in every room. There were no videos to rent. The
      oil crisis caused a lot of the drive-in theatres to
      go out of business. But the drive-ins left are doing
      good and parents love to take their children to a
      drive-in theatre. They don't have to clean the kids up,
      and if under 12 years, they get in free. <br>This is
      a big savings over the indoor theatres. And they
      get to see 2 movies instead of 1.<br><br>It is still
      a very big treat to go to a Drive-In Theatre.
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