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Show your support to the Family of Gentle Giant "Big O", Oliver lefiti !

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  • mesha Monge-Irizarry
    Shameful SFPD Killing of Samoan Gentle Giant Big O , June 06 SFPD Killing Spree on Black & Brown, June 2006 The man hunt is on, on San Francisco Plantation.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
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      Shameful SFPD Killing of Samoan Gentle Giant "Big O", June 06
      SFPD Killing Spree
      on Black & Brown,
      June 2006

      The man hunt is on, on San Francisco Plantation.
      Gina Hinton, Black, 28, shot 8 times in July 05 while in a
      surrendering position
      Tyrelle Taylor, Black, 17, shot 5 times in Sept 05, then beaten up
      Marlon Crump, Black, 28, racially profiled
      Melvin Hodges, Black, 40, homeless, beaten up by Homeland Security
      Vivienne Johnson, Black, 48, beaten up by Homeland Security

      Craig Holden, Black, 21, left to suffocate to death in SF Bayview
      Precinct without his asthma medicine
      Kathleen Eklund, 33, interracial, shot by CHP while surrendering
      ASA Sullivan, Black, 25, shot numerous times while in a 2 1/2 feet
      crawling space, holding an eye glass case "Mistaken" for a gun
      Oliver Lefiti, 36, Samoan, "suspected drug dealer", no weapons or
      drugs found at the scene.

      December 05: The racist, homophobic and genocidal SFPD Bayview
      Videotapes, all 29 of them, filmed on company tie, budget and
      equipment rock the nation

      February 06, month long coverage of SFPD lethal force in the SF Chronicle

      June 06 : SFPD Killing of Asa & Big O, 18 days apart. Murderous KKKops
      on 2 week paid vacation.

      Please join the website set up in support of the family of

      Oliver Lefiti, AKA "Big O"


      for background on his shameful killing by SFPD.

      This is the second PD murder of a Samoan Warrior in SF.
      Prior, they shot and killed a severely retarded 13 yr. Samoan boy with
      Down Syndrome who was playing with a plastic water gun...

      Big O has been demonized in the corporate press, portrayed as a
      "suspected drug dealer", although no weapons or drugs were found at
      the scene. No community/PD liaison has been activated for the past 2
      weeks to give answers to his family, who courageously steps up to the
      plate and demands Justice.

      Big O was a reformed man who was active in his community, deterring
      the Youth from street life.

      In Struggle & Solidarity

      mesha Irizarry
      Site moderator
      (415) 595-8251

      Also check on another shameful SFPD killing , 2 weeks before Big O:

      Asa Sullivan


      Please check for updates on our Police Accountability Website,


      Please forward Far and Wide to other progressive CBO's and folks in
      need of services ! All services are free, and confidential if requested.

      We are the nonprofit watchdog in San Francisco, also manage 36
      websites 4Justice, and involved in the prison movement nationwide, set
      up your petitions online, provide free Spa/French/Eng translation
      services for the alternative press and CBO's (Haiti Press, Action LA,
      African Millennium, Equal Justice Society), and provide Info and
      referrals to Victims of law enforcement and their families on a local,
      national and international basis. We broadcast live on the web
      (Indymedia, Enemy Combatant Radio on Fridays at 4 PM "SF Village
      Voice"), and cover the Police Accountability column in SF Bayview,
      National Black Newspaper. We moderate 26 websites for Justice.

      Idriss Stelley Foundation (ISF)

      ISF, ( 4921 3rd St. , SF CA 94124 ).
      Please consider to volunteer or apply for internship to help covering
      our 24HR Crisis line, provide one on one counseling and CO-facilitate
      our support groups, M.C a show on SF Village Voice, cover a 2-HR block
      of time at ISF, moderate one of our 26 websites for ISF clients !


      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/isf23/ (general police accountabilty news)

      Report Police Brutality
      24HR Bilingual Hotline
      (415) 595-8251
      Enough is Enough !


      WHAT: Fundraising Benefit and Cookout, coalitions building
      Justice4BigO, (RIP Oliver Lefiti, Killed by SFPD 6-24-06)
      Justice4ASA, (RIP Asa Sullivan, Killed by SFPD 6-6-06)
      Bayview CEDP (RIP Tookie Williams/Campaign to End the
      Death Penalty)

      WHEN: Idriss Stelley's B-Day (Killed by SFPD 6-13-01)
      Sunday 8-20-06
      3 P.M.

      WHERE: Children Playground behind Brett Hart Elementary School, on
      SF.Take Gillman from 3rd St., going towards Candlestick
      Park by the Bay

      WHY: Show your love and support to the Families of SFPD innocent
      Under impending Capital Punishment Federal Law, 12
      Bayview Brothers might become "Death Eligible" this year. Bayview is
      only 0,0001% of California, but would become 5,65% of California death
      row !

      Death row on the street
      through police Murders
      of our Black and Brown
      Brothers &Sisters
      and death row in the
      correctional system
      must GO !

      To volunteer, or more info:
      please email iolmisha@...
      or call (415) 595-8251


      * Make a flyer, distribute flyers
      * Donate Food
      * Donate performance (Spoken words, dance, songs)
      * Help on Set up and clean up crew
      * Chaperon the Youth at the event for safety
      * Disseminate the info on the event through email and Fax blasts
      * Invite all your friends !
      * Make banners and signs (Supplies available at ISF, 4921 3rd Street SF)
      * Be the chef at the grill !
      * Donate paper plates, napkins
      * Lend 2 additional bull horns
      * Forward this Evite to all your friends and contacts !

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