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Zombies and Thugs

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  • KimGonzo@xxxxxxxx.xxx
    A while ago I posted about my zombies dream and got some good feedback, but some parts of the dream are still baffling me a little. I went to sleep last night
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 1999
      A while ago I posted about my zombies dream and got some good
      feedback, but some parts of the dream are still baffling me a
      little. I went to sleep last night thinking to myself that
      I'd like to dream a little more about the zombie dream, but I'd
      like a more plain explanation from my dream. (Someone
      suggested this, I thought I'd give it a shot.) Well, the dream
      didn't seem any more plain to me, but it does seem to be
      related to the zombie dream, if only thematically.

      I was at a strip mall which is across the street from my parents'
      house in Virginia. The mall is L-shaped, with a vet clinic I
      used to work at on the base of the L, and a grocery store and
      fabric store, then on the other side of the L is a big chain
      clothing store and a craft store and I think a couple other
      smaller stores. In the crook of the L, there is an entrance to
      go inside for a few more stores in the base of the L-shape.
      There is also a phone bank at the crook of the L. I was
      walking down the sidewalk along the base of the L to the crook
      of it where the phone bank was. There was a table out
      there, with two couples sitting at it. I was doing something,
      when I noticed that one of the couples (a couple of men) were
      robbing the other couple (a man and a woman). The robbing
      couple, one man was silent and seemed to just be along for the
      ride, while the other man was tall, lanky, and boisterous, he
      also held a gun to the chest of the male in the couple he was
      robbing. He was threatening them loudly, and the woman looked
      up at me. I decided that so long as the man with the gun
      wasn't bothering me, and didn't seem that he was going to get
      violent, I wasn't going to interfere. So I turned my back and
      made a phone call. Then the man with the gun turned his
      attention to me, and seemed to have taken a liking to me, but I
      was repulsed by him. It gets fuzzy here, because I think the
      dream was interrupted, the next thing I remember is dreaming
      that my husband was having sex with me and complaining about it,
      followed by some choppy dream I can't make sense of about an
      ex-boyfriend giving me a glossy pamphlet with lots of pictures
      on it, which I tried to hide under my bed when my husband came
      into the room again. Then I went back to the dream with the
      robbers, and a girlfriend of mine had appeared. We linked arms
      and walked out into the parking lot to her van, nervously
      looking over our shoulder at the robber with the gun, who was
      then paying attention to something else. My friend got in her
      van, then opened the door for me from inside. I was looking
      over my shoulder as I stepped in, terrified that he'd see me
      and come to get me. I got into the van unnoticed, but told my
      friend to drive away quickly. The problem was, we had left my
      car in the parking lot, and I needed to go back for it, so we
      drove up and down the rode a ways until it became dark outside,
      then we went back to the strip mall. I don't know why, but we
      went inside a building then, through a double door, and past a
      staircase which was wide and dark. I'm not sure why we went
      into the building, but we were nervous about the robber again.
      In front of us there was another set of double doors, one of
      which swung open, and we caught a glimpse of the robber with
      the gun sitting in a low slung couch. My friend and I turned
      on our heels and bolted away, but as I turned, I could already
      see him getting up from the couch, and I could hear him
      yelling, but couldn't make out what he was saying. We ran out
      of the building and to my parked car, and I was fumbling with
      the keys trying to get the driver side door open when the
      robber came bursting out of the doors of the building and I
      woke up again.

      Any thoughts?

      Kim Gonzalez

      Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. -- Eleanor Roosevelt
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