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a dream, within a dream, within a dream... ad infinum

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  • ShivaFang
    Happy New Year for everyone who goes by the Modern Calender. (I personally celebrate New Year s at Samhain/Halloween except when writing the date on my rent
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 1999
      Happy New Year for everyone who goes by the Modern Calender. (I
      personally celebrate 'New Year's' at Samhain/Halloween except when
      writing the date on my rent cheque <g>)

      This dream was SO WIERD. Just to let you know, I don't make things up
      when I dream. What I write is what I drempt!


      I guess I was at some kind of bakery. Mario was there (you know..
      video game mario) but he got turned into some incan looking statue.
      Another girl that was working there was asked to take care of it. She
      looked very uneasy about this poor little person being turned into a
      statue, so she hid it away and left. I followed. Somehow I had the
      statue, and the keys to the car. As soon as I leave the building, I
      start falling UPWARDS! The girl tells me to drop the statue and the
      key, which I do. I grab onto a fence to prevent myself from falling
      into outer space. The keys land on the ground, but the statue (which
      is in a bag) gets stuck on the fence where the girl can't reach. So I
      climb up (or down from her perspective) the fence and knock the bag
      with the statue in it down so she can get it. I climb up to the
      ground (down to the ground, depends on your perspective again) and
      then get into the car and try to put my seatbelt on..

      Then I wake up, and that's the end of that. But I fall back asleep

      I vaguely remember some weird thing. I'm a man with a wife and two
      kids and we're homeless. This one guy offers for us to sleep in his
      house. I sleep in his daughers room. while I'm there, I have the
      following dream...

      I'm crossing a bridge, trying to cath a ferry (as in a boat, I hope I
      spelled it right! THis is another re-occuring symbol in my dream, I'm
      always catcing boats!!!) So I'm running towards it, but I get tired of
      walking normally and my back hunches over. So I start walking like a
      chimpanzee, changing from feet, to knuckles, to feet, to knuckles
      (another re-occuring thing in my dreams, the inability to walk
      normally, so I do things wierdly. Even IRL I walk up stairs on my
      hands & feet sometimes). This guy sees me and starts chasing me. I
      get on the ferry and go down the stairs. I see Duncan McLeod
      (Highlander) sitting on the ferry (If you think having Duncan McLeod
      in my dreams is weird then, hey, I should tell you I've been Xena in
      at least one dream I can remember (ACK! <dies>). Anyway, I figure
      he's saved my life a few times and he (should) know me. So I go over
      and sit next to him. There's this really weird old lady sitting in
      the seat in front of him.. only she's sitting on the back of it, so
      her legs are dangling down the back. She tells me to get away from
      'her Duncan'. and she kicks me to the floor and pins me with her
      feet. Then another pair of feet start kicking me from below the
      seat!? I tell her, I can't get away while she's keepiing me here.
      Then she also tells me that she's kicking me with her 'other feet'.
      Weirdness. I get away. But then an anouncement comes that any wet
      clothes can be dried in room 019, in five minutes! I don't know if I
      fell in the water while I was being chased or something, but I was.
      However, I knew that this was a trap set up by the guy who was chasing
      me. I notice Duncan looking around and fingering his sword (which is
      under his trenchcoat, I only know what he's doing because I know him.)
      I think he knows there's another immortal around. I tell him to try
      room 019, but he goes over to a wall and says "no.. he's around here
      somewhere". I pull him towards 019, and he goes through. The battle
      was depressingly short, I watched it through a translucent window, and
      could only see the shadows, but duncan cut the other guy's arm,
      forcing him to drop his sword and then Duncan cut off the guy's neck.
      There was none of that flashy quickening bit you see in the movies or
      in the series.

      The next thing I know, several teenage punks are climbing over the
      fence. Duncan sees them and tells me to get out of here and get some
      music? As if that would help him. So I leave. He starts hacking
      away at t he punks. However, they arn't punks, they are weird spirit
      things. I see a vision of the fourth dimention were these 'punks' are
      reporting to their supervisor, and she's recording the information in
      a database. However, the punks don't look the same as they do in our
      dimention, they look like floating ghostly heads with helmets.
      There's a long line of kids waiting to be sent down. The first two
      get up on the platform and focus their will, but they can't do it
      because of the music. The supervisor says "what's wrong" and they
      shrug. So she sends them home. The next bunch get on the platform
      and the supervisor hands her pad to me, as if glad to be relieved of
      the duty. The next pair (boy & girl, the first pair was 2 boys) try
      to go down but they can't, so I call the supervisor again. She asks
      them what's wrong and they shrug. Then, a pair of plaintive, small
      mechanical voices cry out "but.. we've been sent home!"

      Then I wake up... I'm walking down the street, thinking about this
      list and the weird dreams I just had. I remember someone to this list
      posting a dream and Nin saying how dark the symbols were. Then I see
      a painting and hear angelic voices singing 'ohm'. (I realise now that
      it was a nativity scene.. it didn't occur to me while I was asleep tho)

      Then I wake up in the girl's bedroom (I'm the man with the kids) and I
      see the painting I just saw on the wall. I look around and I'm
      thinking 'where am I'. At this time.. I could 'feel' that I was
      dreaming. I knew my eyes were closed. Just one of those things. So
      I force myself to wake up. I wish I hadn't I wondered what I would
      have dreampt there if I hadn't done that.

      I wake up, and it feels like there's another pair of arms wrapping me.
      I dissmiss this thought, because my arms twist in wierd ways when I'm
      asleep (when I'm awake too). My arms were just numb and weird, so I
      straighten them out in front of me... but there are still two other
      arms there. I touch one.. it's not mine.. to hairy. There's another
      man in the bed with me! You have to realise, I totally thought I was
      awake at this time! I turn around and there's this really cute
      looking (to my tastes anyway) man there. I have never met him before.
      I wondered if I had picked him up when I was drunk or something (I
      have NEVER been drunk, I hate the taste of alcohol). Anyway, we
      snuggled for a bit then I woke up. I was a little dissapointed <g>.
      It seemed so REAL tho! Has anyone else ever kissed a dream image and
      thought it was real? Maybe it was an incubus <g>.

      Anyway, I sat up and went over to my computer to type out this
      dream... but there were glasses of boiling water.. that's what it
      looked like anyway, all over the place. It turns out it was really
      fizzy pop. So I drink them. Some taste like sprite or 7-up. Some
      tasted like soda-water. Again, I thought I was awake because I could
      TASTE them! But I woke up.

      I'm lying in bed. I'm thinking I had better get up before I have
      ANOTHER weird dream... so I sit up and...

      suddenlyl I'm walking down the street! I realise I'm dreaming, and
      wondering if I'm sleep-walking IRL and dreaming that I'm dreaming..
      (or to quote my favorite movie that I got for christmas... "Maybe I'm
      dreaming. My eyes are open, so maybe I'm awake, dreaming I'm
      asleep... or, or more likely I'm asleep, dreaming I'm awake, wondering
      if I'm asleep." --Phillipe the Mouse, "Ladyhawke". anyway, I walk
      past another man, and then I come to another road. I look around at
      the buildings, all the vivid colours that tell me 'I'm so definatly
      awake.' I walk pas a construction sight. Then I see a sign.. and the
      words don't make sence (I remember reading somewhere that if you are
      dreaming, written words don't make any sence, and I have yet to see
      this wrong in my dreams). So then I wake up.

      NOw I'm in a mall. The girl asked if I had a job, I said no. then
      she wanted to see my Alberta Health Care Card, and wanted to know how
      I was paying for it. I pulled it out and said my brother was paying
      it. Then we both noticed the expiry date was january first 1999. So
      she asked me to check my bank card to see if it worked. I wend over
      to the machine and started using the machine (BTW, at this moment I
      know I only have 5 dollars in my wallet... more on this later) Then
      the platform moves! THe place I set my wallet down moves over to the
      next one! I go inside the bank and ask the information desk, and she
      knew exactly want the problem was and how to fix it, so she goes and
      gets my wallet back. Then I go into a bar and order a drink. I sit
      down at a table and give the lady the only bill in my wallet.. it's a
      20!? Anyway, apparently the total bill came to $22 dollars... but I
      thought that was weird for only 1 drink. Then she brings two HUGE
      pitchers of this peachy coloured stuff and a plate of food. I gape
      and wonder how I'm gonna drink all that. I take a sip.. and it tasted
      like that peach juice-poweder stuff, and not like alchohol at all (I
      hate the taste of alchohol). Then another guy sits next to me and
      puts these little pinapple pices in my drink and in my mashed potatoes
      (the ones in my potatoes turn into chocolate chips while we talked)
      then two other guys sat down and started eating of MY plate.. then i
      (finnaly) wake up.
      Songs of the moon, whispering in my ear as I pray
      Justin "ShivaFang" White
      "I am whatever I choose to be, spirits passing in the night,
      I have no default, mearly many personalities that conquer
      one another to type for me at will, a miniture war takes
      place within me, a thousand times more interesting than
      anything outside..." --Myst Johnson
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