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    THE STREET MIMBAR Khutbah (19 January 2007) e-mail: khutbahs@yahoo.com webpage: www.geocities.com/khutbahs http://groups.yahoo.com/group/the_street_mimbar/
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      THE STREET MIMBAR Khutbah (19 January 2007)
      e-mail: khutbahs@... webpage: www.geocities.com/khutbahs
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      It is in such a manner that We make plain our signs so that the course of the
      criminals may become clear.
      Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem.
      Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam), his Noble Companions and Family.
      Brothers and Sisters, Muslims whose relationship with Allah Azza Wa Jall is one of responsibilities and duties and one of tasks and obligations....
      From this position, during this time of week and from this place, we tried our God given best to clear our conscience of what is beginning to happen. Allah says
      Oh you who are securely committed to Allah, take precaution against Allahs corrective power and state or say or express what is accurate, truthful and precise (Surah Al-Ahzaab verse 70)
      It is taken for granted that we have around us individuals who are not interested in saying the truth. Brothers and sisters, this is the psychology that permeates our larger body- the hundreds of millions of Muslims- who when it comes time to say the truth, we find that we lack the courage and the personalities to stand up with a conscience and express the truth of the matter to the Muslim public or to the public beyond the Muslims, even though Allah is saying in very clear words Oh you who are securely committed to Allah, take precaution against Allahs corrective power and state or say or express what is accurate, truthful and precise. It's as if to say what qualifies you to say the accurate words within the critical time-frame is the taqwah of Allah. Therefore, if there's absence of the words of truth, there is an indication that there is an absence of taqwa. Then, once again,
      Factor in Allahs corrective power and keep company of those who are truthful. (Surah At-Taubah verse 119)
      In today's poisoned atmosphere, we are forced to try as much as we humanly can to express some truth on some of these matters that are meant to harm our relationship with Allah and our selves. The violation of Islamic solidarity, the lunge at Islamic unity and the attempts to destabilize this Islamic awakening in its beginning has now taken a sinister turn as we have an issue of sectarianism staring us in the face. Because of the relative lack of information, sectarianism is quite a problematic issue to deal with because of the virtual absence of the Muslim mind from this area. If we are observing human beings and if we live with what is happening around us, we saw and sensed how serious this sectarian monster can be. We, (humbly speaking) are not the types who like to dwell on these types of issues, especially when there is propensity to inflame the emotions about these issues. A dictator (just about two weeks ago) was hanged. All of us know what we are talking about- we are talking about Saddam Husein. We don't want ignorance also to make its inroads into our minds because we are unable to express the name of a dictator or war criminal. OK- So what happens after that? We begin to sense that there are some Muslims who are saying that this man is a Sunni. We want to express the truth on this matter. This person was not a Sunni. This person was a secular which is akin to a kaafir which amounts to being an instrument of the enemies of all Muslims. How is it that there are some minds that refuse to define this well defined person as a secular and insists that he is a Sunni? They by pass the issue of Imaan and Islam and tell us to be specific that he is a Sunni. We have been saying until our mouths ran dry in all of these years that these rulers and this particular one in Baghdad have no relationship to Imaan and Islam and we don't need the mouth-pieces of Ash-Shaytaan to foster him upon us now; saying to us that he in their minds and plans (to be precise) is a Sunni. What is meant by all of this? Obviously, what is meant by this is to capitalize on what remains or what is left in the Muslim public mind because the Muslims are in a process that is taking years and the Muslims are getting rid of false information, artificial traditions and superficial notions and the time is going to come when the Muslims are not going to be fooled by someone saying a Sunni Muslim and someone else saying a Shi'i Muslim. That time is not here yet and the proof is in what happened in the past couple of weeks and what seems to be in a continuum of developments- i.e. what we mean by this is the attempt at snowballing sectarianism.
      Brothers and sisters- let us take a close look at our own selves. Why do some Muslims in the hearts and minds of their own selves insist at looking at people as Sunnis and Shi'is? It is because there is a malfunction in the way they understand or think of Allah and His Prophet. Never have we heard in the words of the ayaat of the Qur'an or in the words of the Sunnah of the Prophet the words "Sunni" and "Shi'i" as it is understood by todays average Muslim. Never! So why do have todays average Muslim bouncing around these words to create more distance and bad feelings towards the other Muslim who is not a Muslim who belongs to his particular persuasion of the way he or she defines a Sunni or a Shi'i. When we look at a dictator like Saddam Husein and when the world (meaning the media, officials, governments, the information generators and those who are in control of the images and propaganda) wants us to believe and think of a dictator as a Sunni, they are sending a strong message that is unmistakable to an unpolluted Muslim mind and conscience that what they mean by this is to deliberately begin a division among the Muslims with this sectarian line. It begins with the inability of the average Muslim to understand the meaning of the many ayaat in the Qur'an in which Allah says Alladhina Aamanu wa Amilus Salihaat. There's an infusion between a commitment to Allah and a display of a behavior that performs As-Salihaat. They are inseparable, but in todays mind, even in today's "Islamist" mind as some people refer to it, there is a convenient relaxation or detachment between Alladhina Aamanu and Alladhina Amilus Salihaat. Because of this, a person can be called a Muslim only if he claims the words of faith and there is no requirement for Al-Amal As-Salihaat. It is in this gap that sectarianism takes its roots and we have some people come and tell us that one person is a Sunni Muslim and another person is a Shi'i Muslim. If we were in our correct Islamic minds and in our correct mode of Imaan, we would refuse this characterization and hyphenation. We are not hyphenated Muslims. Never! We are Muslim 1st and we are Muslim last. But there's a larger plan here. If some of you don't have a sense of how this sectarianism is deliberate and plotted…
      Some of these sectarian minds looked at the execution of a dictator. All that went into the execution of that dictator was a theater. Bringing this person to court and presenting this issue through satellite television and the internet to a world audience of Muslims- that's who is intended by this. They don't intend for these show trials to be the concern of people in Latin America, North America, Europe or in China . All of this charade during these 13 months and 40 sessions were meant for you, the potential sectarian Muslim, to register every remark and violation of the standards of justice during this time period, so when it happens they show us this on camera. Allah says
      So that the course of criminals may become evident. (Surah Al-An'aam verse 55)
      What we should have been watching is the motion and the direction of not only war criminals, but the masters, financiers and ideologues of war criminals and not only the clowns who are in front of the camera. So, when this image of a dictator going to the gallows was presented to the Muslims public at large, because that is the intended audience, some Muslims looked at this and processed it as if it was a sectarian operation or with very obvious sectarian overtones. Look- here is where suspicions are deliberately fed by previous events. A dictator goes to war and a war criminal is brought to court- Why? Because he is charged with the killing of 148 Shi'is. Brothers and sisters- we are forced to say what we are saying because of what they are doing. As some of the fuqaha' would say "and he who is expressing or conveying the words of kufr is not necessarily a kaafir". When the media that wants us to be divided among sectarian lines come and say "Look- this person was put on trial because he killed 148 Shi'is in Dujail." That's exactly what happened. He was not put on trial for more serious crimes. This person was the criminal behind the massacres of Halabja; the campaign of Al-Anfaal; the launching of a war against a neighborly just emerging Islamic state; the invasion of another "Arab" country; the assassination of many individuals from scholarly families- the family of Al-Hakim, the family of Bahr Al-Ulum- there were many scholars; there were Shi'i scholars- Arif Al-Basri and others and there were Sunni scholars- Naadhim Asi Al-Ali Al-Ubeidi and Abdul Aziz Al-Badri- these were Sunni, Iraqi scholars who were tortured to death in the most gruesome ways. They are so graphic in some instances that we spare you the details. He was responsible for assassination squads that roamed different countries and areas around Iraq- the killing of a person by the name of Hassan Ash-Shirazi in Beirut at one time- a Shi'i; the killing of another person called Hardaan At-Tikriti in Kuwait another time- a Sunni; killing another scholar- Al-Mahdi Al-Hakim in Khartoum in Sudan at yet another time. This criminal record goes on and on. He wasn't only a criminal against Shi'is- this is a sectarian trap. He was a criminal against communists, nationalists and his own Baath party members. We know that the American armed forces are in charge of the Iraqi theater- don't let anyone convince you that a few individuals who are put in governmental offices are running the show in Iraq- they are not! But some sectarians want to believe that and so they say it was these Iraqi Shi'is who were responsible for this execution. We tell them that anyone who is a stooge or client or customer and a puppet of an invading and occupying force is neither Shi'i nor Muslim. Some of them may have had Islamic backgrounds; they may have been involved in Islamic activities; they may have been members in Islamic parties- it doesn't matter- when they are trafficking with Ash-Shaytaan, they have joined the company of Ash-Shaytaan and no hyphenated is going to save them- therefore it was an American/Imperialist and Zionist/Israeli decision to produce for us this theater of a sectarian execution so that the watching Muslims will become inflated with false feelings of hostility and animosity that violates our togetherness. As was stated in another earlier khutbah- Allah says
      And hold firmly or be guarded altogether by holding on to Allahs extension or lifeline to you and be not divided (Surah Ahl-Imran verse 103)
      OK- that's what Allah is telling you, but what are Allahs rivals, those who impose themselves as Gods on Earth, saying? "No- but you should be divided." Allah is speaking to us frankly and directly. He is not setting us up for a unity, He is soliciting our brotherhood and our care for each other directly from our hearts when He says this. But these earthly "Gods" are coming to us through the backdoor of our ignorance and they are working on our sub-conscience and bringing out all of the dirt of history so that we can turn against each other.
      Still- to understand more of how deep this sectarianism may go and we are still "scratching the surface" – On an Eid in Islamic history, way back in the time at the end of the Umawi years, we're talking about at least 1,300 years ago. Now, the sectarian mind has dug up an issue. One of the rulers in Baghdad prayed Salaat Al-Eid and he gave a khutbah to those Muslims who were listening. After this khutbah, he said "You may go and slaughter the Adhahi, the animals that are slaughtered on Eid Al-Adha, for as you do that, I myself, am going out to slaughter a person by the name of Jaa'd ibn Dirham."  This was an opposition figure. He went out and he did it. He slaughtered a Muslim opponent of that regime at that time. We have no sympathies for governments that usurped power after Ali (radi Allahu anhu), therefore these governmental rulers at that time were on the wrong course and there was an opposition to them throughout the years (we tried to speak about them at length sometimes) – but how is the feelings of the Muslims towards this opposition? Why is it that when a dictator goes to the gallows, instead of us feeling that his due is death, we begin to become polarized between Sunni and Shi'i? This need not be the case. It is intended by those who are spending their nights and days trying to figure out how to turn us, with weapons in our hands, against each other. Why is it that if a dictator goes down some people want to feel some type of affiliation with that dictator? This is the force and the effectiveness of the plot in this on-going affair and it tells us something about our own psychology. How many Muslims have been put behind bars in these years, just in our lifetime? Relieve yourself of the long history regarding this issue- just in our lifetime- how many Muslims have been put behind bars and still are behind bars? How many Muslims have been tortured? How many Muslims have been executed? How many Muslims went to the gallows because they were an Islamic opposition belonging to Allah and His Prophet? Why don't we see Muslims as sensitive to these individuals as they have become sensitive to a tyrant and an oppressor going to where he belongs?
      Brothers and sisters- Committed Muslims-
      Oh you who are securely committed to Allah, take precaution against Allahs corrective power and state or say or express what is accurate, truthful and precise (Surah Al-Ahzaab verse 70)
      Factor in Allahs corrective power and keep company of those who are truthful. (Surah At-Taubah verse 119)
      These words of direction from Allah forces us to express as much as we can with accuracy about this issue that is meant to drive a wedge of hostilities between the Muslims. It forces us to say that those who were responsible for this quick execution should be brought to a court of law. Why? Because they didn't hang an individual or pronounce a death sentence on who used to be a ruler, what they did was they deliberately put to death information that will implicate the larger or master or universal criminals who have been involved in our own affairs. How much information has gone down or will be going down into a persons grave if they cannot be brought to court to speak the truth about why they went to war for over a decade to the East and the South. We want to know why. We want them to tell us who was alongside with them in this war and encouraging them- giving them information, weapons of mass destruction, political cover and everything they needed to kill 1,500,000 Sunni and Shi'i Muslims combined. This issue should bring us together, but it's not going to bring us together if these people are going to put these criminals in a hasty trial and accuse them of what amounts then to what amounts to a scintilla of a body of crimes throughout a history of crimes of oppression and injustice. Now, they want to put two other persons to death, and then they'll round up the other criminals and put them to death. We are not saying that they do not deserve the death sentence- to the contrary- if they are found guilty for crimes that they committed in late 1950's and the early 1960's- to the days of Abdul Karim Qasim in Iraq- 1963, 1968 and then the wars that came after that- wars against the Kurds, Arabs, Iranians, Sunnis and Shi'is- look at the whole picture! After that, how can we be sectarian if we are looking at the whole picture?! Then, if they deserve the death penalty on one crime, they will deserve it on the hundreds and thousands of crimes that they are responsible for. So, at the end of the trial period, which may continue for years, they would have incurred hundreds of death sentences in the full measure of justice where the millions of people were killed- not because of a petty tin-pot dictator in Baghdad, but because of the power structure that made it possible for him to become the killer, murderer and butcher of Baghdad that he was along with his gang and cadre of criminals. But, are we ever to see a court that will convene these individuals to the full range of justice? Not when the imperialist and Zionists are involved. By doing what they did, they wanted to put six feet under the ground individuals who when the time comes can point their fingers to the same people who are in Washington, thousands of miles away from them in Iraq to the individuals who are in Washington who said "you can have the chemical weapons that you want." Even American families should demand justice. There was a frigate in the Persian Gulf that was torpedoed or hit by Iraqi warplanes and 37 Americans were killed. If there was a court of justice, Saddam and the circle around him would have to answer to why they killed American service men in the Gulf. But no! It could extend to the United States and have non-Muslims involved in it. So, whoever you are- we don't look at persons through their sects or their denominations or Madh'habs- who are rubber stamping the imperialists/Zionist decision- they're going to catch up with you. Your name may be Ibrahim, Mahdi, Nuri, Qadhim, Muwaffaq- whatever your name or denomination is, these Shayateen have no mercy. The lesson is unfolding in-front of you. This person who went to the gallows was their man for all of these years and if you want to become their men, you're going to find the same destiny and walk to the same grave. In the meantime, we, Muslims, refuse to be tricked into this sectarianism- whoever you are, whether you consider yourself to be a Sunni Muslim or a Shi'i Muslim, put that aside and don't let that consideration generate bad feelings towards the other complimentary Muslim.
      Brothers and Sisters- Committed Muslims…
      We ask Allah through our hard-work and our sincere intentions to fold back this cloud of ignorance that is causing and contributing to much of what is happening today. We may have mentioned this once before and now in probably the time to say it again- if we ourselves go into a relaxed mode, the enemies of Allah, His Prophet and the Committed Muslims are not willing to go into a relaxed mode. At the same time that they are trying to stir the pot of sectarianism in Iraq , they are also trying to instigate racism in the horn of Africa . What we have seen in the past couple of weeks pertaining to Somalia and Ethiopia is directly related to what is happening in Darfur, Southern Sudan and the Nile Valley and that is to try to stir racism against the Muslims. Just as they want the Muslims to fight on the basis of "I'm a Sunni or I'm a Shi'i" in Iraq and to spread from there on, they also want Muslims and non-Muslims to fight in Africa on the basis of race. They will never present this issue to us as we are explaining it because it would counter their plans. What they are saying is that in some places these are Islamic terrorists and in other places they are Arabs and the victims are Africans, Christians or animists. The real intent and purpose is to classify Muslims in that part of the world as Arabs and to classify non-Muslims as blacks or Africans and then bring that false classification and then generalize it in other places in Africa so that every Muslim is classified as an Arab. You can be as black as black comes, but according to this plan, if you're a Muslim, you're an Arab and therefore Africans can be as white as white comes, but if they are not Muslims, then they are considered as Africans and now we have a racist type of war that they are trying to inflame amongst us. They want racism to take hold in Africa and they want sectarianism to take hold in Asia and they want these two fires to burn our will for an independent Islamic future. We will not understand this if we continue to be listening to irrelevant talks from these Manabir on Fridays. A good project (for someone who is interested) would be to register or record a few khutbahs that are considered to be the best khutbahs in town and then, along with those khutbahs add this meek and humble khutbah to them and give them to Muslim public opinion and let them draw their own conclusions.

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