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Bad evil done by us against Allah

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    Bad we are doing Dear Muslims, I wish all of you a wonderful blessed Ramadan. I am still receiving mail from those who wish to be part of my daily Ramadan
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2005
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      Bad we are doing
            Dear Muslims, I wish all of you a wonderful blessed Ramadan.
      I am still receiving mail from those who wish to be part of my daily
      Ramadan messages, many came Al Hamdu Lillah. Before I tell you why I
      am writing this message today, I need to ask you to correct a bad
      thing Muslims are doing now. Many are those who say: Allah Tallah,
      what is the meaning of Allah Tallah, who told you this is a good way
      to call upon Allah, my friend, if you are one who is doing such
      evil, stop right now. Instead of saying what offends Allah, correct
      it, and say: Allah Taala. Allah Taala, has a wonderful
      meaning, means: may Allah exalts above the evil of what people say
      against Him. Saying Allah Taala, you are doing so upon the order of
      Allah Himself, how?
            Allah says for example: and may Allah exalts and rise above
      all of what they worship besides Him, like what we see in Ayahs:
      7:190, 10:18,16:1, 23:92, and many ore examples of the word Taala,
      none of this evil of what people repeat of Tallah exist in the book,
      so please stop. If you were an Arab, and Arabic is the language of
      the Noble book, listening to Allah Tallah, you will understand how
      this is evil that looks like some are trying to mock Allah, La Howla
      Wala Quata Illa Billah (translation: Unto Allah are all the
      strength, and all the provisions). Please stop others from using
      this evil term: Allah Tallah, and tell them to use: Allahu Taala.
      Like one day I used to pray at a Masjid at Atlanta Georgia, the man
      giving Athan is a Black brother, wonderful man, I used to hear him
      say: Allah Akwar Allah Akwar, one day I came to him and said: my
      friend, I wrote for you the Athan, it is Allahu Akbar, not Akwar,
      because Allah Akbar means: Allah is greater than anything and
      everything, while Allahu Akwar means: Allah is rounder than, rounder
      than what my brother I asked him? He got angry, looking at my color
      instead of listening to my words, I do not know what is with some?
            Please stop saying Tallah, it is evil that is not supposed
      to be. Now let me tell you why I am writing today, a plea fro one of
      your sister, I am bringing to your attention, Ramadan is coming, are
      you looking to doing Jihad, can some of you make Jihad in looking to
      helping her, here

      is what she had to say, if you have something to help her, send me
      and I will relay to her in respect to her feeling, I hope you will
      understand, please read the following.
      From: "F.Aziz" <farzana115pk@...>
      To: shaheed2022_8@...
      Subject: To:Brother Saleh
      Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 02:23:43 -0700 (PDT)
      Respected Brother,
      Assalam U Alaikum
      Brother I am eldest of six sisters and five brothers Mashallah.Our
      father became heart patient when I was a student at Karachi
      University and
      consequently died.I being eldest devoted my life for the sake of 
      mother,younger sisters and brothers.
      I tried my best for the family specially for the proper education of
      siblings.Now Mashallah all are grown up and I have crossed the four
      decades of my life;my mother remain anxious for  my marriage;she has
      registered my name with marriage bureaus;there were so many
      proposals from businessmen but in their business bribe is
      involved;from western country owner of business outlets but with
      other things alcoholic beverages also kept;so
      his income become haram. I cant compromise with wrong things because
      I have to lead eternal life up above the sky.
                 As I got your contact from Islamiclink,considering
      reliable source here I am writing you, if you come across a person
      in age group 45-50;who is well educated,refrains from all prohibited
      acts in Islam,from respectable family having good moral
      values,preferably un-married but I understand its very difficult to
      find out but if any valid reason of divorce or wife died then can be
      acceptable. I am M.Scfrom Karachi University,44 yrs(my exact age but
      I looks much younger),Sunni Muslim my deceased father was an officer
      in P.I.A and our mother a house wife.
               I wrote you brother assuming as you must know many
      Pakistani religious persons who are really good human beings. I am
      sorry for giving you inconvenience.
                                                  Thanks & Allah Hafiz
                                                    Yours sister in Islam
                                                    Farzana Aziz
      What are U going to do regarding this, as we approach Ramadan, you
      ask me what I intend to do, I am sending, and helping, can you do
      the same?

      Too often we underestimate the power of a touch,
      a smile,a kind word, a listening ear,
      an honest compliment,
      or the smallest act of caring,
      all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
      Keep Smiling
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