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Re: Dreaming of being pregnant?

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  • RLoBau@xxxxxxxx.xx
    Mike and Jane, ... in dreams is something like being impregnated with . Many people who are longing for a change in their lives dream about being pregnant.
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 1, 1998
      Mike and Jane,

      I agree with Darlene and Lynx on this:

      >From what I've read in a couple of books I understand that being pregnant
      in dreams is something like "being impregnated with". Many people who are
      longing for a change in their lives dream about being pregnant. Whoever
      gives birth to a child in their dreams, could even have come up with new
      ideas how to change their lives, improve their lifestyle etc.

      > I've had dreams of being pregnant, but I don't remember them too well. I
      > think it can mean literal things as much as figurative, like it could mean
      > she wantsa baby - if she does want one. Or, maybe she's had friends who
      > have had babys and she's starting to realize that she will have to decide
      > about when she wants to have one.(Especially if she's in mid 20s or so) I
      > think if she doesn't want one and is afraid of commitment, then it would
      > mean she is afraid of losing control in a relationship - by having
      > something that wasn't meant to happen happen. It could mean many things,
      > and her feelings on the subject would be the best indicator of the best
      > interpretation. Maybe if I knew the specific details of one of her dreams
      > it would help, like what happens to the baby, how does she feel, etc...
      > Hope this helps!
      > Jane
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