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Another Dream re the Infamous Paul Coruthers

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  • neverforreal13
    Well last night in REAL life, Paul said he needed time away from me to find himself. My family and I can t decide whether Paul is being sincere... or just
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2003
      Well last night in REAL life, Paul said he needed time away from me
      to find himself. My family and I can't decide whether Paul is being
      sincere... or just lying like he usually does so he can have the
      freedom to party and see other women. He seemed so sincere and told
      me he loves me and wants the best for me and wants me to be happy.
      Then I had this dream that I'm going to write about, right here.
      It's not what happens in this dream that is odd. More it's the fact
      that it's nothing like the situation in real life. However, it IS a
      lot like what Paul and I are going through. In the dream my parents
      were friends with Paul's parents could not be less true in real life.
      The parents have never met and not only that, but my parents don't
      like the sound of Paul's parents because they beat Paul when he was a
      little boy and abandoned him. But in this dream they were different
      parents. They were somewhat decent. My own parents were exactly the
      same as they really are. But another thing that was different in the
      dream then in real life is that Paul had a younger brother (he's
      really an only child) The brother was about 16 and his name was Bob.
      (the funny thing about that is in REAL life Bob is Paul's mom's cat's
      name!!!) Anyhow, we were all at this big house, another difference,
      Pauls folks had money in this dream. They are really dead broke.
      Everyone was kind of talking and hanging around. The Dream Parents of
      Paul were making dinner for my family and chatting with my parents.
      Now here comes the realistic part: Paul was ignoring me. He wasn't
      enjoying my company. I wasn't so happy about being with him either,
      but didn't want to lose him. He kept saying he had to go out and I
      was sad and didn't want to be left alone with the parents. Then my
      dad said something about us staying over at the Coruthers' house
      because it was a long ride back. I didn't want to stay over because
      Paul and I weren't getting along. He didn't want me there. The
      brother was talking to Paul but other than that didn't have much of a
      significance. I just remember being sad that Paul didn't love me
      anymore. I think the point is that maybe even if he had good parents
      he wouldn't love me. Yeah, I think that's the point.
      Thanks for reading.
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