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Re: My dreams - this time a nightmare

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  • neverforreal13
    To Grace, That s amazing. I have been with Paul for 4 yrs but now we are more like just friends yet we see eachother and neither of us can decide what to do.
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 25, 2003
      To Grace,
      That's amazing. I have been with Paul for 4 yrs but now we are more
      like "just friends" yet we see eachother and neither of us can decide
      what to do. I want to get away from him, yet he is my best friend!
      I read your dream about rats, that is funny about the shiners
      outfits... I used to feel the same way about spiders, but we have so
      many where I live, I have learned to face them because I have no
      choice, lol. I hope things work out for you too. Sometimes
      relationships can be SO confusing.
      To ALL:
      Last night I had a NIGHTMARE regarding my aforementioned boyfriend,
      Paul. It was all too real both in his actions and in mine (I am a
      good person, but not always a perfect angel).
      Well in the dream I had my own house. I swear even when it's a
      nightmare I have my life more together in my dreams than I really do,
      lol. :) Paul was staying upstairs in his own room. I decided to have
      a party and charge the guests like it was a club to make some extra
      cash. All these ppl came over and things were going OK. But I didn't
      want Paul to know about the party because he would automatically
      assume I was sleeping with at least one of the male guests (in
      reality, Paul always accuses me of such, eventhough he is twice the
      cheat I am)
      It was getting onto dawn and almost time for Paul to go to work. I
      panicked and began rushing the guests out of the house but they
      wouldn't leave! They were like "what's the rush?" most were not
      drinking in excess, but just chatting and having fun, some had
      cocktails. I kept saying I was tired as it was nearly 6 am and the
      party was over, but people still weren't listening! I kept looking up
      the stairs thinking Paul would be coming down any minute. Finally
      someone said to me : "You better see who's passed out over here" and
      I went into another room and Paul was sleeping next to a bottle of
      brandy, but I could tell he only had a few drinks since there was
      lots left. I woke him up and tried to explain. I said something
      like "Hey, I am sorry I didn't tell you about this, but honestly, I
      was doing this to make money, NOT to meet anyone" and he was quiet
      and didn't say much.
      The next scene I was upstairs in a big hotel like room. I was saying
      something about Paul and some girl says "Paul Coruthers? Hah, you
      don't need to worry about him thinking you cheated on him. He's the
      biggest player in town!" Then some girl about 19 with red hair came
      in and said that Paul had been sleeping with her for months. Another
      girl said "Yes, me too!" and another... They all said they thought
      Paul was their boyfriend... (this actually happened in real life,
      Paul actually played me and at least 2 other girls! This dream was
      about the girls I don't yet know about, that I fear exisit) So all
      the girls were like "He's such a player". I was so depressed and
      didn't want to believe it was happening again. So I went for a walk
      along a beach.
      As I was walking, a friend of mine from grade school (have not seen
      her since then) showed up. She was all grown up and she told me to go
      with her to help get over Paul. We went to some very weird meditation
      meeting outside not too far from the beach. At the meeting I met a
      guy who was interested in me. He and I began walking back the way I
      came from the hotel and he seemed pretty nice. We stopped at a fair
      and went on a ride. Then we were under some bleachers and I got into
      an uncomfortable situation. He got on top of me and at first it was
      ok, but he held my arms up behind me and then I realized he wasn't
      playing, he was being forceful and rather dominant. I was afraid of
      getting raped so I struggled and got away. Then I went off and that
      was the end of the dream.
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