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    Hullo Takai, Thanks for your response. 1. Tangerine Skies ... Would you say, nevertheless, that these arguments, and the surrounding dispute culture have
    Message 1 of 68 , Apr 29, 2003
      Hullo Takai,
      Thanks for your response.
      1. "Tangerine Skies"

      > Purely abstract, i don't think any of us have that strong an opinion!
      Would you say, nevertheless, that these arguments, and the surrounding
      "dispute culture" have provided a favourable climate for your ability, and 
      readiness, to expose yourself to such issues?

      > Come to think of it i don't think i've ever managed to predict any 
      > naturally occuring disasters. Every dream is linked to a man made 
      Knowing this is so, wouldn't trying to convince "that man" to stop doing
      whatever causes such harm, or at least endeavour to provide a more
      favourable framework therefore, be a worthwhile chore?
      > I don't think that my dreams are necessarily about my concerns with 
      > the world but i don't think god has much to do with things either! :)
      Why wouldn't God have a place in there?

      2. Of-lates:
      ["The spelling of Ave Maria goes haltingly..."] - Interesting...
      In due course

      > "Vulturous invasion sketched, sensed from the carrion's inside..."
      ["A rare collector's item on the large side, a parasol of gills..."] - 
      > I think this ones the most interesting.4. So what happened with this 
      > one then?
      'fraid the gills have to wait another day, considering this one, freshly
      stolen from the vaults:
      Flimsy drizzles - cold not chilly - summoned to a rainfall focus,
      111 steps into the Carpe Noctem scene. Open space deserted,
      uneven ground beset with tiny bits of third flush debris screen,
      a vast array of shades twixt charcoal and pan-anthracite unleashed.
      Though not interminable, the showering is felt with great intensity.
      Besides the heavy breathing that accompanies his measured moves,
      111's body wholeness is immense: you touch a bit and sense it all.
      Tense, tenacious, tough, the full-size glove fits perfectly.
      Fixtures & facilities are none, some recess sole a somewhat well-fed
      spongy toad avails that could have been a piece of soap in other frames,
      warts of sulphur, salt, and sand becoming prominent when handled.
      Anointment though without the flow in flux, the loaded gun
      criss-crossed may spit a blow, and not perchance, at any moment now.
      Neither shunned nor feared, a blessing and an act of praise, in lieu.
      Trail blazed armpit to scapula, Salvator Mundi Resurrexit passing on
      part of the message, another puzzle-piece patch-curing the flesh…
      Pls note the absence of the "I" in there, and for a good reason.
      Any injection always warmly welcome.

    • 520031788253-0001@t-online.de
      Hullo Grace, Thanks for your response. ... 1. When would you say that sth like a change in yr perception of dreams, and interest therein occurred? 2. What
      Message 68 of 68 , May 16, 2003
        Hullo Grace,
        Thanks for your response.
        > at the time i would have dreams like this,i did'nt understand what the
        > point of these things i was doing was.later,of course,when i realized
        > i'd dreamed of this moment years ago, i knew,well,im operating this
        > machine or standing here making coffee....but when i would have the
        > dream i'd wake up and think "why would i be just standing around?"
        > or all the machines looked so foreinge to me,you know?
        1. When would you say that sth like a change in yr perception of dreams,
            and interest therein occurred?
        2. What accompanying factors (environment, person(s)...) of such
            change could you make out?
        > um..i have never had scent be a part of a dream....
        How about other sensorial perception, including temperature, air pressure,
        altitude, moisture, velocity, mass, time... ?
        have you?
        Often. Very intense. Including substitution and cross-pollination (scents
        to eat & drink, scents that talk, scents in ultra-vivid shades...).
        > i quit that job cause i could'nt take it anymore,i dont eat meat!
        Ethical reasons, hence?
        > and my boss was screaming at me  saying i was too slow.i dont
        > know what he was talking about,i was busting ass all the time.
        > later i learned that he was in the military and he was taught that no
        > matter how good of a job someone is doing to yell at them and make
        > them work harder.i hated him.that is sooooo wrong.grrr.....
        Would you say that by so doing he was blindly following the pattern
        that was drummed into his mind, or that he actually understood the
        deeper meaning of such rationale?

        Thank you for your time.
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