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Re: Yr mail as of 230403 00:04 CEST ([dreams] oneiric worthwhiles)

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  • demon2004_uk
    Hey Volk! ... You wouldn t think so really, but the women didn t look like she was from animal control in her pristine suit. ... The bear seemed quite
    Message 1 of 68 , Apr 23, 2003
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      Hey Volk!

      > 1. "The Odd White Bear"
      > > It was in a cage being taken away by a social worker because
      > > my friends sister wasn't liscensed to keep a bear.
      > 1. A social worker's job that?

      You wouldn't think so really, but the women didn't look like she was
      from animal control in her pristine suit.

      > 2. How did she respond? How did other peeps on site? How did
      > the bear?

      The bear seemed quite aggressive actuallly. My friends sister wasn't
      there but her mum was who looked rather annoyed with the social

      > 3. How about the whiteness of the bear's skin? Ultra-pure or
      > somewhat mitigated by other shades/patterns?

      Just a polar bear really, albeit a baby one. Quite cute actually :)

      > 2. "Long Journey To The Middle Of Nowhere"
      > > we were trying to get a train back from the middle of nowhere
      > > when i woke up. Some hilly mountain place.
      > 1. About how many of you were there?

      3, Me my friend and someone else who i never saw but knew was there.

      > 2. Any names dropped?

      No not really. darnit

      > 3. Any tongue(s) (ab)used?

      Just english

      > 4. How about air moisture, soil condition, luminosity etc.?

      Slightly moist with a possibility of rain. :)

      > 3. "Trip To An Electronics Store"
      > > To buy a Tv actually and i ended up with 16 for £8. Pity that
      > > one isn't real.
      > 1. What would you have been doing with 16 TV sets, either
      > oneirically speaking and/or in waking life?

      God knows, i think i was going to sell them on.

      > 2. Where was the rub with such a bargain?

      Next to a brand new dry cleaners and a unigate milk factory.

      > 3. Do the mere figures (16 for 8, 16 - 4 - 8, ...) ring any bell?

      Nope not a thing.
      > 4. "Given Time To Reconsider ..."
      > > [in a nigh-locker environment] - As in caged?
      > There was breathing space, and partial motion of the head
      > possible. Lack of other options was not actually enjoyed yet did
      > not seem to matter that much. Time partly did, since there was
      > a lot needed for said reconsideration, and partly didn't, since
      > there was no actual beginning of such incarceration nor any end
      > of it in sight).

      So what emotions were you feeling?
      Had you gotten into this predicament by accident or had someone
      enforced this inability to move?

      > 6. "Tangerine Skies"
      > > I was in some kind of school in what looked like a science lab
      > Doing what?

      Listening to a lecture and watching a demo of some kind.

      > > when there was a rather loud bang outside. I think this happened
      > > twice but no one was too concerned except me so i just tried to
      > > ignore it.
      > Did anybody say anything, despite said lack of concern?

      Nope just carried on with the lecture.

      > > Then when the third bang went off the ground shook with it and i
      > > looked out of the window towards our city. A huge red mushroom
      > > cloud was going up and i mean this was massive. everyone was
      > > very frightened at this point and we rushed outside to get a
      > > look.
      > Is that the way you were told to behave in an air raid/nuke strike
      > scenario?

      Never been told but i shouldn't imagiune it would be a particularly
      good idea! At the time though i was in complete disbelief so i
      didn't think.

      > > The cloud was going up for miles and it looked like the city was
      > > flattened and part on fire. the sky was totally red and orange. I
      > > started crying and thinking my parents were in town and now
      > > probably dead.
      > And you couldn't muster up even a glimpse of fascination for the
      > spectacle, right?

      I think i was more concerned with my parents but the cloud and it
      being nuclear was at the back of my mind.

      > > It was actually quite frightening cos this didn't really seem
      like any
      > > foreign countries this felt like home. (England). Scary huh?
      > Maybe you were also "given time to reconsider...".
      > People in yr country, too, and ours, have lost lives, limbs, and
      > ones, and not too long ago.

      True, a reminder that we're not invunerable and perhaps a taste of
      what others have gone through in recent times.
      Speak to you soon

    • 520031788253-0001@t-online.de
      Hullo Grace, Thanks for your response. ... 1. When would you say that sth like a change in yr perception of dreams, and interest therein occurred? 2. What
      Message 68 of 68 , May 16 8:50 PM
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        Hullo Grace,
        Thanks for your response.
        > at the time i would have dreams like this,i did'nt understand what the
        > point of these things i was doing was.later,of course,when i realized
        > i'd dreamed of this moment years ago, i knew,well,im operating this
        > machine or standing here making coffee....but when i would have the
        > dream i'd wake up and think "why would i be just standing around?"
        > or all the machines looked so foreinge to me,you know?
        1. When would you say that sth like a change in yr perception of dreams,
            and interest therein occurred?
        2. What accompanying factors (environment, person(s)...) of such
            change could you make out?
        > um..i have never had scent be a part of a dream....
        How about other sensorial perception, including temperature, air pressure,
        altitude, moisture, velocity, mass, time... ?
        have you?
        Often. Very intense. Including substitution and cross-pollination (scents
        to eat & drink, scents that talk, scents in ultra-vivid shades...).
        > i quit that job cause i could'nt take it anymore,i dont eat meat!
        Ethical reasons, hence?
        > and my boss was screaming at me  saying i was too slow.i dont
        > know what he was talking about,i was busting ass all the time.
        > later i learned that he was in the military and he was taught that no
        > matter how good of a job someone is doing to yell at them and make
        > them work harder.i hated him.that is sooooo wrong.grrr.....
        Would you say that by so doing he was blindly following the pattern
        that was drummed into his mind, or that he actually understood the
        deeper meaning of such rationale?

        Thank you for your time.
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