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Re: Yr mail as of 010303 01:12 CEWT ([dreams] Precognitive dreams)

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  • demon2004_uk <Takai4@hotmail.com>
    ... the pretty ... before for ... incidents ... Depends which ones your talking about really. 9/11 was pretty vivid and i can stilll remember all the details
    Message 1 of 68 , Mar 1, 2003
      --- In dreams@yahoogroups.com, 520031788253-0001@t... wrote:
      > Hullo Takai,
      > Thanks for sharing your dream(s) with us. Welcome to the list.
      > > (...) I have a tendency to dream world events and usually not
      the pretty
      > > ones. Things like plane crashes, 9/11, the omagh bombing while
      > > shocking to everyone else were merely a replay of the night
      before for
      > > me.
      > Are we to understand that you actually dreamt (about) the above
      > prior to their waking life occurrence? If so,
      > 1. How many matches are there, as to the details;

      Depends which ones your talking about really. 9/11 was pretty vivid
      and i can stilll remember all the details now. I was running along a
      street with loads of other people and all the cars along the street
      were wrecked and covered in dust. We were running for our lives but
      it was hard to understand why at the time. Eventually we came to
      this point where we were really high up and there was nothing
      beneath us and we were holding onto each other for dear life. Below
      us there was a right angled wall and from what i was thinking at the
      time the planes that were flying in below us were supposed to fly
      straight then make the 90 degree turn. Four planes attempted this
      and only one didn't fly straight into the wall. It was like being on
      a high rise building. In the distance i could see a big city and
      planes which were supposed to be landing just kept smashing right
      into the city. You could feel the ground shake. It was like the
      planes were acting as missiles. The other ones like omagh were
      pretty scary too. there was a bunch of us walking along the street
      and up ahead of us there was a bomb scare so we ran the other way
      then the bomb went off directly in front of us and quite a few
      people turned white. (that's usually a sign that they are dead).
      There's tonnes of them i could tell you about but most of them are
      usually plane crashes. I seem to be good with those.

      > 2. How many details, if any, do not match;

      Sometimes i get names but not often places. Just a vague sense like
      near a big city or near water. When i see it on the news they don't
      usually report too much about peoples names so i can't confirm
      anything. I remember talking to a pilot in my dream once and he told
      me his name. His plane had just crashed and all the passengers died
      and he was white as well. When i woke up a plane had crashed outside
      of mexico city just like what had happened in my dream but they
      never mentioned the pilots name so i couldn't confirm anything. So
      basically i don't reallly know how many details match. The
      scenario's are usually perfect though.

      > 3. How do you feel about those events, while dreaming;

      While dreaming i usually take on the part of somebody involved in
      the tragedy. I feel how they feel and i know details about whats
      happening that i wouldn't know if i were just me. Sometimes the
      feeling can last throughout the day. Like i can remember not long
      ago when there was a lot of suicide bombings in Israel i saw a boy
      crying in my dream and asked him why. He just said because i am
      palestinian. Before that i always thought the israeli's were right
      and were just protecting themselves but i really felt for the
      palestinians after that.

      > 4. How do you feel when the actual occurrence matches your dream;

      Usually i feel guilty. Like i was shown what was going to happen so
      i could do something about it but theres nothing i can do. It's
      creepy and quite scary most of the time. It's awful knowing
      something tragic is going to happen and having to watch the news and
      just wait for it.

      > 5. Have there ever been any like dreams without a matching
      > thereafter;

      Pretty rare but yeah although some aren't next day delivery some
      take a couple of months or days but most are next days. Although
      some are a little more mundane tragedies which you wouldn't hear
      about on the news.
      > 6. Any important like occurrences that have not been announced in
      > dreams;

      Major tragedies, like world effecting ones i always know about, but
      some of the smaller occurences have slipped the net.

      > 7. Any related dreams subsequent to such occurrences?

      There never after the event always before.
      > > There's never a day when i don't wake up and remember my dreams
      > > in technicolour.
      > 1. Other than being thus colourful, would you say the shades
      > match the waking life scenario?


      > 2. Any shades that appear exaggerated, distorted, out of place?

      No it's usually pretty realistic
      > > The night before that though there was a scary schizophrenic man
      > > playing ball with some children in a park.
      > 1. How far did things evolve?

      Nothing on that one yet but i don't think he was going to hurt the
      children he was just pretty scary

      > 2. What features told you he was a schizophrenic?

      He was talking to himself, acting odd and i could sense it.
      > > I swear i can't remember ever having a "pleasant" dream.
      > 1. Do you recall any of your dreams, or parts thereof, when little?

      It's hard to remember back that far because at the time i thought my
      dreaming processes were normal. It's only when i got older and
      realised that this wasn't normal that i started to record my dreams
      and realised something odd was going on.

      > 2. If so, were they of the same nature? Any differences?

      I think it's always been this way. it never used to bother me that
      much until the feelings from the dreams started to persist into my
      waking life. There used to be a cut off point from my character in
      my dream but these days it's harder to disconnect.

      Good questions by the way. You really gave me a grilling! I don't
      think anything exciting's going to happen today though! i only wish
      i could dream the lottery numbers!

    • 520031788253-0001@t-online.de
      Hullo Grace, Thanks for your response. ... 1. When would you say that sth like a change in yr perception of dreams, and interest therein occurred? 2. What
      Message 68 of 68 , May 16, 2003
        Hullo Grace,
        Thanks for your response.
        > at the time i would have dreams like this,i did'nt understand what the
        > point of these things i was doing was.later,of course,when i realized
        > i'd dreamed of this moment years ago, i knew,well,im operating this
        > machine or standing here making coffee....but when i would have the
        > dream i'd wake up and think "why would i be just standing around?"
        > or all the machines looked so foreinge to me,you know?
        1. When would you say that sth like a change in yr perception of dreams,
            and interest therein occurred?
        2. What accompanying factors (environment, person(s)...) of such
            change could you make out?
        > um..i have never had scent be a part of a dream....
        How about other sensorial perception, including temperature, air pressure,
        altitude, moisture, velocity, mass, time... ?
        have you?
        Often. Very intense. Including substitution and cross-pollination (scents
        to eat & drink, scents that talk, scents in ultra-vivid shades...).
        > i quit that job cause i could'nt take it anymore,i dont eat meat!
        Ethical reasons, hence?
        > and my boss was screaming at me  saying i was too slow.i dont
        > know what he was talking about,i was busting ass all the time.
        > later i learned that he was in the military and he was taught that no
        > matter how good of a job someone is doing to yell at them and make
        > them work harder.i hated him.that is sooooo wrong.grrr.....
        Would you say that by so doing he was blindly following the pattern
        that was drummed into his mind, or that he actually understood the
        deeper meaning of such rationale?

        Thank you for your time.
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