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Invisible woman dream

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  • P. Ingerson
    This is a dream I had last weekend. There are bits of it I can t remember clearly, almost as if I m not letting myself remember... There s a large window on
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2003

      This is a dream I had last weekend.  There are bits of it I can't remember clearly, almost as if I'm not letting myself remember...

      There's a large window on one side of the corridor.  It looks out onto a small square or courtyard, bounded on all sides by the modern college buildings.  It's night outside but the corridor is brightly lit.  I've arrived at the building, and I'm walking along a corridor to the seminar room.  But I'm *not* myself.

      Instead of being the ugly, androgynous man that I am in real life, I'm a glamorous woman.  And I'm also invisible.  My clothes, however, do remain visible.  I can see them reflected in the window, wrapped around the space where I would have been.  A figure-hugging, black dress with a large, white collar curving down to become the lapels of the plunging neckline.  It's sleeveless, but I'm wearing long, white gloves.  The whole outfit is very elegant in a late-fifties or early-sixties haute couture sort of way.

      As I enter the seminar, I'm glad I'm this beautiful, invisible woman instead of myself.  This time the other people there won't hate me.  I sit down at the long, wooden table and the meeting begins.

      (Unfortunately I can't remember anything about the meeting or seminar or whatever it was.  Maybe my dream just went fast-forward through this bit, but I've a feeling it did happen and they were all discussing unpleasant things about my real self, never guessing that I was the mysterious woman in the room with them.)

      We take a break, and I wander out into the corridor.  The seminar's chairwoman comes up to me and begins a conversation, still not knowing who I really am... until I say something that gives my identity away.  She immediately becomes angry with me because I've deceived her, deceived everyone there, pretending to be someone I'm not.

      After she's gone, leaving me standing in the open doorway leading out to the courtyard, something strange happens.  The invisible woman steps out of me, leaving me as a naked *visible* man.  She knows it's me they're really angry with, not her.  She's still popular, even if I'm not.

      I try to go back to the meeting anyway, hoping that if I bluff enough maybe they won't notice I'm not the invisible woman any more.  But as soon as I enter the room, I know it hasn't worked.  The chairwoman has told everyone about me, and now they're all staring at me.  They know who I am.  They hate me.

      I wake up.  Lying in bed I feel shaken and disturbed by the ending of the dream.  I know it's true how much everyone hates me.


      • The building seems to be a cross between two colleges were I attend evening classes.  The corridor comes from one building and the seminar room from the other.
      • This was my fourth dream about being an invisible woman.  The three in the past have all been very positive and enjoyable.  This one was very depressing because of all the emotional baggage and low self-esteem which I'd brought into it from real life.

      "He managed to resume and pursue his international career as a tornado
      approaches, will Clark reveal his origins?  Nate returns to his home
      town to collect a dead man's body.  The invisible woman, Ruth, takes
      a special interest in the death of Edward in 1483."  --  MegaHal
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