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Dec 29th, Swimming Tryouts, Trees and Encyclopedias.

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  • celticshiva
    I remembered my dream ^-^. There is a lot of dream this time. The first part of the dream I guess I m in swimming training or a class or something. Or
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 29, 2002
      I remembered my dream ^-^. There is a lot of dream this time.

      The first part of the dream I guess I'm in swimming training or a
      class or something. Or perhaps its tryouts for a team. And at first
      we are outside near a lake. I remember there was this other girl
      there, she was russian. I remember we were talking about something
      but I don't remember it that clearly. Anyways, it came down to our
      final test and she tripped when she went do do her dive and she kinda
      flopped. When I did my dive I started floating (I float a lot in
      dreams) and I wound up getting turned around and it wasn't very good.

      Then we were indoors and I had to dive again, I had to dive into a
      pool of water that was only about three feet wide! I could just
      barely fit my head into it! I remember it was surrounded by chairs.
      I told the coach that it wasn't safe. I started ripping chairs out
      of where they are in order to pull the cover on the pool back.

      Then I remember I'm running from the coach. Well, escaping is a
      better term since I'm floating. I do this a lot in my dreams where
      I'm floading down a hall and I push my self off the walls in order to
      propell myself forwards, or I grab a corner in order to turn... just
      like you would need to do if you were floating off the ground with no
      traction. This is what I am doing in this dream. Behind me I can
      hear someone chasing me, but they are running, I can hear their
      footsteps. The footsteps get closer and closer.. but then I wake up.

      But I guess I fell back asleep again because this part I remember

      I have a seed from this magical tree. Now in my dream the tree was
      Hogwarts School of Magic from Harry Potter, but now that I'm awake
      I'm thinking Hogwart's was a castle, not a tree. In any event, in my
      dream Hogwarts was a tree, and I had a seed from it in order to start
      a new school. I look all over looking for the 'right place' and I
      eventually put it in Canada. I'm oversimplifying here because I had
      a lot of thoughts go through my head about Sorting Hats and how the
      school wouldn't be as 'ancient' and stuff like that.

      So the tree grows and then I go in to set up. I'm in the library and
      I have a glove that's my helper. I tell the glove to go around the
      library (and not to spend too much time at the mirror, it's so
      vain!!). I ask it to look through all the books and write a brief
      description of what its about. It goes to the encyclopedias and
      flips through one, apparently its a fast reader. Then it starts
      putting groups of words together with { symbols and writing 'dark'
      next to them. There were specific words but I can't remember them
      now, but they all were dark sounding.. evil or scary. But only the
      ones that he was actually writing the word next to, not neccessarily
      the rest in the {.

      So I decide to quiz the hand to see if it actually read the whole
      thing. I pick an entry at random. Now this encyclopedia is weird.
      This page had a group of two-three letter combinations that started
      with 'S' (like.. Sa Sat So.. and about five others I'm not even sure
      anymore) Then the entry I looked up was Urnalia. (Supposed to be
      Saturnalia, but the Sat was at the top of the page and the Urnalia
      was the entry). So I ask the glove what Saturnalia is. He's not
      sure, so I start explaining about the Winter Solace.

      I look over and there's another human man there, who's apparently
      also my helper. He wasn't in the dream until now but I guess he was
      always supposed to be there. He has his nose in another encylopedia.
      He didn't say anything.

      But then the dream changes.. I guess around the theme Saturnalia. My
      dreams change a lot but there's no noticeable change its like it
      flows naturally from one to the next without me noticing. I'm
      arguing with this Wiccan Lady and her daughter. They arn't real
      people, but in my dream these are people who's oppinions I generally
      respect very much. We're arguing about Christmas. They see no
      problem with calling the Sostace Christmas. I argue that since I'm
      not christian I feel uncomfortable calling it that. THey are like
      so, we arn't christians either. I think this debate when on for a
      few minutes before I gave up.

      And that's it =).
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