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Re: I'm new & I'm wondering if anyone can help me understand this? -m-

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  • elmothree2000
    Can anyone offer any insight??? ... the ... night. ... are ... parents ... I ... did, ... didn t ... minute -
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 31, 2002
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      Can anyone offer any insight???

      --- In dreams@y..., "elmothree2000" <elmothree2000@y...> wrote:
      > Help, I often have lucid dreams & often they stay w/me thoughout
      > day. But today, I don't want to remember the dream I had last
      > It's disturbing. It was about my dead grandmother, dead
      > grandfather, 'uncle', biological father, dead cousin, self, living
      > biological brother & living cousin(brother of dead cousin). These
      > paternal relatives - I do NOT have any contact w/this 'father' but
      > spent a great deal of time with all of these people before my
      > split. The 'uncle' wasn't in the picture back then.
      > Confused yet? Gotta love dreams.
      > I was in my Grandmother's house where Scott (bio-father) now lives.
      > was w/my uncle, telling him about the way things were when we were
      > all kids.
      > ~~ ok, now I'm very disturbed/upset & crying hysterically~~
      > I'm going thru the house showing/explaining to my uncle what we
      > where we did it, how the house was before renovations, remembering
      > the renovations, where we slept as kids, etc.
      > What the hell?
      > Oh, my grandmother was telling me she was getting a divorce. I
      > even KNOW I had a Grandfather until I wwas almost a teenager & they
      > had been long divorced! My response was, "Oh, ok. Hey! Wait a
      minute -
      > Pepere's dead. How can you get a divorce?" And she smiled
      > a 'knowing' smile.
      > I am completely creeped out. Any feedback?
      > Beth
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