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SPIRITS of St. Petersburg at Royalty Theater, Clearwater Press , Release (The spiffy version!)

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  • UNA ET SOLA Brandy B. Stark
    Hey, all. Just sent this out to the media; wish us luck. Here it is for anyone interested. The SPIRITS make their summer presentation.... For Immediate
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2002
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      Hey, all. Just sent this out to the media; wish us luck. Here it is for
      anyone interested. The SPIRITS make their summer presentation....

      For Immediate Release

      What: The SPIRITS of St. Petersburg will present their findings from the
      July 26th paranormal investigation at Royalty Theater.
      When: Friday, August 16th, 7:30 p.m.
      Where: Royalty Theater, 405 Cleveland Street, Clearwater.
      Admission: $10 per person to benefit the Royalty Theater Preservation fund.
      Parking is free Friday night.
      Media Contact: Socrates Charos, (727) 441-8868

      The S.P.I.R.I.T.S. (Servicing Paranormal Investigators Reporting Information
      Through Study) of St. Petersburg, a local volunteer paranormal investigation
      group, will discuss their recent findings at the Royalty Theater August 16th
      at 7:30 p.m.

      Established in 1896, the Royalty Theater is the oldest building in
      Clearwater. It was created as a performing arts theater, but throughout the
      years the building has been utilized as a marquee, a church, and a movie
      theater. The Royalty was closed in 1995 and slated for destruction. The
      current owner, Socrates Charos, following a dream, purchased the theater,
      refurbishing and reopening it to the public in 1997.

      Several entities have made themselves known in the building. They are
      reported to cause the lights to flash or chandeliers to dance if they like a
      performance. They also manifest on film. Charos has a scrapbook filled
      with photos tourists have taken in the theater and sent to him, showing
      mists, orbs, and full-bodied apparitions.

      The discussion takes place at the theater at the time when the entities are
      reported to be most active. Photographs and videos capturing phenomena will
      be available for viewing. Charos and SPIRITS team members will present
      their first hand encounter experiences.

      "Angelina" or "Angelica" appears to be the spirit of a young woman who is a
      lover of music and dance. She seems naturally attracted to the Royalty, and
      is a patron of Charos, himself a dance instructor. He believes that she is
      the force who drew him to the building. She is attracted to the stage area,
      where many orbs appear in photographs.

      Another ghost may be that of a manager killed in the theater during the
      1980s. His love of the building overcomes his death. He remains guarding
      the safety of those who come through.

      Charos also feels there are angelic beings inhabiting the theater. He
      attributes them with the success of the place and has decorated the building
      with angelic figurines.

      "They make themselves known through elegant aromas. They love classical
      programs and Elvis music," he explains. "If people come with bad intentions
      to the theater they throw them out. They support the staff, love children,
      and provide a healing energy within the theater."

      The SPIRITS, established in 2000, have performed two investigations at the
      Royalty. Utilizing hand-held equipment, the group searches for
      electromagnetic fluctuations, temperature changes, and other signs of
      manifestations. The first investigation produced several orb images on
      stage, and included temperature drops and a variety of scents. The second
      search revealed a new area of activity, different aromas, and more action on
      stage. The team was also shadowed by a Channel 13 news crew, for future

      The event is $10 at the door. All funds will be contributed to the Royalty
      Theater Preservation Fund for future renovations. Parking is free.

      For more information about the SPIRITS, please go to
      For more information about the Royalty Theater, check www.royaltytheater.org

      Attached: Big Orb taken by Lee and Karen West
      and Multiple Stage orbs, B. Stark

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