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Press Release and information about SPIRITual Encounters Art Show

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  • UNA ET SOLA Brandy B. Stark
    Well, let s see if this works. This is the upcoming SPIRITual Encounter show.... Paxque Vale-- Brandy, Regina Maxima For Immediate Release SPIRITual
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2002
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      Well, let's see if this works. This is the upcoming SPIRITual Encounter

      Paxque Vale--
      Brandy, Regina Maxima

      For Immediate Release

      "SPIRITual Encounters"
      June 28-August 11.
      Snooty Judy's Fine Art Gallery
      514 Skinner Blvd., Dunedin.
      Gallery hours: Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm, Sunday noon-4.
      Gallery phone: (727) 734-9835
      Contact Brandy Stark for more information at: (727) 821-5759.

      View the World Through the Ghost Hunter's Lens

      SPIRITual Encounters sets out to prove that there is a fine art to
      paranormal investigation. Of the many images taken during a "ghost hunt,"
      only a prized few lend themselves to the possibility of paranormality.

      The view through a ghost hunter's lens, however, reveals many unique facets
      to society. This unusual field allows its adherents access to the innermost
      sanctum of culture, such as the haphazard closets and oft forgotten attics
      we all are guilty of housing.

      SPIRITual Encounters hosts images taken of these neither regions. Many of
      the photographs are simply stylistically fascinating, capturing moments of
      random perfection of investigation. Others hold "false positives", or
      images that, at first, appear to be ghostly manifestations but, with study,
      are not. Yet, a few contain within them the grains of hope, unexplainable
      images of unknown substance materializing for the camera.

      The show will also feature artistic interpretation of the spirit, be it as a
      contented soul or a hapless ghost.

      Local St. Petersburg artist Brandy Stark curates the show. Graduating with
      her Masters Degree in Religious Studies, Stark utilizes her background in
      spiritual knowledge when creating her works. Included in the show are her
      hand wrapped wire metal sculptures from her "Metal Myths" series. To create
      her sculptures, she utilizes contemporary metal media, such as brass,
      bronze, copper, aluminum, steel, and nickel wire, to bring classical
      characters to life in a modern world. In addition, Stark recently won a
      prize for her ghost photography, which will also be featured in the show.

      Lee Edgar and Karen Ann West are visionary artists who create unique art of
      the spirit. Lee creates his art pieces utilizing many individual mediums or
      a combination of mixed media in his unique pieces. Originally from Indiana,
      Lee has been creating art work since a young child when he was first
      encouraged and inspired by his art teacher.

      Karen is a new artist who has recently started to explore her artistic side.
      Her works are primarily of clay, glass and paint. In addition to her art,
      Karen has recently received her certification as a Feng Shui consultant, a
      subject that serves to inspire her works.

      Sandy Bard is appearing for her first art show. Her mixed media works
      include photography collages of images taken during paranormal
      investigations and graveyard visits.

      Sheri Salin is a guest artist for this show. A Canadian-born self taught
      artist, she was led to art by a personal crisis, as a way to ease the pains
      and tensions of daily life. By applying watercolor pigment at random to
      paper, she soon discovered images appearing in her works. Spirits or
      ghost-like images began to appear more readily throughout her art. As time
      progressed, the images were not so easily seen. Sheri found herself looking
      deeper into the painting and having to uncover the images by removing
      the paint from the surface of the paper. This process reflected her
      spiritual/personal life of looking deeper within herself to uncover the
      truth, a process which continues today.

      Attached: "Grave Angel," By Brandy Stark.
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