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Re: [0001DreamJournals] another trial dream, and protection and wind and wasted food dream all in one

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    Hi, this sounds kind of like the dream I had. I have had the feeling something is going down, but can t quite put my finger on it. Throughout that whole
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2002
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      Hi, this sounds kind of like the dream I had. I have had the feeling
      something is going down, but can't quite put my finger on it. Throughout
      that whole dream I had the other night I felt that something was going
      down. Even with a friend of mine's boss who I have also been friends of
      for about four years now and met through Ron he was worried about a big
      contract, and he was in a hurry and wanted to get away, but I was supposed
      to go with him, and I saw a frequency of an agency who he would be wanting
      to change radio platforms for I would think, and he was worried about
      this as well, and he left without me, and I was supposed to go with him,
      but I didn't.

      On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, Suzy Britt wrote:

      > Hi Everyone!!
      > I have not been on in a while, but I want to share this dream I had the other night with everyone, I would like some feedback concerning it. Well first of all I was in a small town and around strange people whom I had never seen before, but it was as if I knew them like close friends or family. The small town was shaken, there was going to be some tragic event happen in this town. I was working at this hospital with 4-5 floors, and I was working this particular day, and it seemed like we all gathered in a room and watched the news. There was a great tower like statue of Ronald Mcdonald and the statue also had a little girl statue in its hand, like Ronald Mcdonald was holding this girl by the hand (the statue). Well it was about 12 story's high at least, and the whole town was afraid that this tower -like statue was going to fall on us. It seemed as if we had to commute on the expressway, and this particular day, the town had all gathered around the location of this statue to watch what happened, kinda like a crowd gathered to watch July 4th fireworks. There was a mean looking guy driving a huge forklift hauling the statue, and it was as if he was trying to drive it towards me and the crowd I was with, we were trying to escape his path. The whole town was gathered to watch this tower-like statue fall to the ground, we did make it out of the way, and it fell on some others. If anyone has any ideas on this dream, please write to the post.
      > Happy Dreaming!!! Susan
      > JEFFREY MICHAEL KENYON <at649@...> wrote: Good afternoon everyone. Last night I had a dream that started out in 1987
      > when I was first starting out at the school for the blind. It was in the
      > fall, and back then I had a hard time finding my way to and from school
      > across that campus. When I was in the dream I had had a real hard time
      > getting to school, and the walk seemed to take forever, but it wasn't that
      > long. When I got to school a teacher wanted to give me a lot of homework,
      > and then when I went to my home room class my advisor was gone, and there
      > was a substitute teacher who I got a long with well, and she asked me to
      > go out into the hall. She told me that she couldn't believe how late I
      > was, and I would really be punished, and that the other kids would have a
      > say so in what happened to me. I had had this happen from my regular
      > teacher there, and I felt humiliated because with a teacher punishing a
      > student that needs to be in between a teacher and student in my way of
      > thinking and that's it. After a while I found myself at my grandfather's
      > police station, and a dispatcher who I used to listen to a lot on the
      > radio was in the court room, and at first she didn't notice me, and then
      > she became really concerned she gave me some food to eat, and she then
      > told me that I neededto go into the locker room and to change my clothes
      > and to put something dry on. I took my clothes, and I some how knew the
      > combination to the locker room that is closed to the public, and when I
      > walked in Ron who had hurt me was there, and he was just let go from there
      > last Friday. He then came at me, and I had t turn around and go back into
      > the court room, and then I couldn't get dressed.
      > I eventually got dressed, and then I was in a room and was
      > listening to the radio, and eating a cookie and then the door would blow
      > o open and I would end up throwing the food down the drain, and then I
      > would some how get more. Eventually I managed to keep the door closed,
      > adn I woke up. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated, and thanks in
      > advance.
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