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old high school teacher and long car ride and prison dream and design team dream all in one

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    Good day everyone, and happy new year. Last night I had quite the dream in which I have seen someone who I have wondered about off nd on. She was a teacher
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2002
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      Good day everyone, and happy new year. Last night I had quite the dream
      in which I have seen someone who I have wondered about off nd on. She was
      a teacher who I had in high school that I really cared about a lot, and I
      recently learned that she is finally getting married. In her class that I
      was in I was very protective of her, because some of the kids would talk
      about hitting her or doing things to her. When I was sick and was in the
      hospital she sent me a card and I would always try to see her when I
      could but it wasn't always easy. We went our separate ways, and before
      she moved out of the area she had worked her way up to being an
      administrative assistant, and eventually shetolanother teacher that I was
      in her words harassing her when I tried to get together with her one last
      time beforegraduation. I was hurt because like I said I tried to protect
      Any how, in this dream we were working in groups like we always
      had in her class. However, in this dream we took a trip to some place
      close to my high school, and when we were in the car she told me she knew
      someone who drove six hours to get to this private school near where I
      live. I couldn't believe it, and when we got to where we were to go I had
      a really hard time getting on the porch outside the building, and when I
      was in side we were in a large room, and me and a partner stt
      together. We were to design police equipment, and draw pictures, but we
      couldn't use the same color. I picked my colors, and tried to see if I
      could work around the restrictions I am under now after being pushed. I
      went inside of that station and tried to make my colorations on paper look
      as close as I could I found the colors I needed and began to work on it
      again, and after a while I found myself in Virginia at the sites of the
      book Make Me Want To Holler. If you haven't read it it is about a black
      man growing up in the inter city, and he wound up in prison, and got out
      and made something big of himself. I was in the part othe book where he
      was sentenced, and it was an odd sentence of 3 years to life, and he was
      told that if he was good for three years in prison he would get out
      early. Any how, I was with him, and he took me around thprison as he did
      his work and was in his cell.
      The last part of the dream took place at my old school in Lansing,
      where I saw my first house parent there, and he was very nice on
      afternoons. I went to a couple of the dorms, and the first one was my
      first dorm, and tthen after that I was in my last dorm When I went to my
      last dorm I was told that the few house parents I didn't get a long with
      had all taken leave or resigned, and then I worried and wondered what was
      giong through the mind of a very low functioning student there. Then I
      woke upand that was that. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated, and
      thanks in advance.
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