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basketball guy - lida

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  • pollywog
    Hi, Lidia -- There are a number of things this dream could be about -- and of course, you are the only one who will really know! Plus, whatever ideas I might
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 18, 2001
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      Hi, Lidia --
      There are a number of things this dream could be about -- and of course, you are the only one who will really know!  Plus, whatever ideas I might give you here may not be correct, but maybe something will help you look in the right direction.
      Using the idea that everything in the dream is somehow you -- this man may represent one part of yourself.  You are on the same basketball team, you both have cold hands, and you sleep together, but you don't mention that there was any sex.  Some people might suggest something about your masculine and feminine sides accepting each other.  Do you play basketball?  I'm assuming you are female.  I don't know how old you are, but in the past (not so much today) sports and basketball were considered to be more masculine activities.  So perhaps this dream is about accepting things in yourself that some people see as being masculine.
      Your fingers, hands and arms come up several times in the dream -- first, you are using your hands and arms to throw the basketball.  Then you hug the people on your team.  Then your fingers get numb and cold.  The man's hands are cold too.  At the end, he puts his arms around you, just before you go to sleep.  I'd suggest thinking about your life, and if there is anything important going on in regard to your arms, hands and fingers.  It might be work related, or a health thing.  It also might have been something as simple as your hands got cold while you were sleeping, and it got into your dream!
      Lidia wrote: 
      >My dream is about a guy that I don't know about. It starts out
      >we are playing basketball and I make these 3 pointer side shots and
      >the guy is on my team.  I start hugging everyone else on my team
      > I have no idea why.  Well, after a while everyone starts to
      leave and
      >the only ones left is my and him.  Then I take my last
      shot before I
      >go and I miss it totally and find my fingers numb with
      cold.  He
      >takes my hand and tries to warm  them but doesn't
      have any luck
      >because his hands are cold as well.  We then go home
      and I take a
      >shower and fall asleep waiting for him to be done in the
      shower.  He
      >climbes into bed with me and I remember his exact
      clothes.  He wore a
      >black long sleeved turtleneck with jeans. 
      He mumbles something about
      >not having any other clothes to wear and that
      he'll just sleep in
      >these clothes.  Then he climbes into bed and
      puts his arms around me
      >and we fall asleep.  I feel a connection
      between this guy but I don't
      >exactly know who this person is.  What
      does this dream mean?
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