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Re: [dreams] re: deaths

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  • Bri'ana
    chi, I am deeply sorry for your Grandmother s passing. Your sadness is to be expected. You have suffered a loss and are feeling the effects of the empty space
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 10, 2001

      I am deeply sorry for your Grandmother's passing. Your
      sadness is to be expected. You have suffered a loss and are
      feeling the effects of the empty space that once held your
      grandmother. I hold dear to my heart what I have learned
      throughout the years.

      No one ever really dies. The most important part of your
      grandmother lives on. In her immortal spirit form/ her
      immortal soul she will always be alive and well, happy and
      free. The love she gave you will be with you for ever.

      Sometimes I think that these lives we live are naught but
      dreams. For when we sleep that long last sleep at death we
      truly wake up our spirits/souls and live that life until
      once again we slumber there and dream again that we have
      taken physical bodies upon this planet we call Earth.

      Tis little I have said that can ease your sadness or fill
      the emptiness. The void in your life will fill as time
      passes. Your memories of her will remain safe within you and
      may provide you with much comfort. Remember her as she was
      before she became so frail. Remember her as the vibrant
      person she was and not the fragile shell she became long
      after the downward spiral of life and the upward spiral
      toward spirit began.

      May you be well and strong, for as you said your father is
      close to his passing too. This you cannot stop, but it may
      give you comfort. When you dream of his death you will know
      it will be soon and maybe you can see him one last time or
      be there with him and for your mother when the eternal sleep
      comes to his body and it is time for his spirit/soul to wake

      Much Love

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      From: Lori C. Phillips <lcp1@...>
      To: dreamers <dreams@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Saturday, February 10, 2001 12:36 AM
      Subject: [dreams] re: deaths

      >As you know, my father and grandmother are dying.
      >My father lapsed into a coma for several days. The night
      before last, I
      >dreamt that he opened his eyes. The next day, he opened his
      eyes. Last
      >night, I dreamt that he spoke. Today, he spoke. In fact, he
      's able to talk
      >better than expected. (There is still little hope for him
      because both his
      >liver and his kidneys are gone, the doctor said.)
      >Last night, I dreamt that I saw a black horse and black
      carriage sitting by
      >the sidewalk. My grandmother, impatient for the driver to
      come, got in the
      >driver's seat and drove off.
      >When I woke up, I worried that this meant she was going to
      die today because
      >Briana once told me that the horse and carriage symbol
      meant death.
      >Well, she passed away this afternoon at 3:30 PM.
      >Why am I fiddling with e-mail? I don't know. I thought when
      she died, I
      >would be happy for her freedom because she was suffering so
      much, but now
      >that she is gone, I'm not happy. I feel sad. I'm going to
      miss her very
      >sigh. Tonight, I am afraid to dream.
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