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  • Dee777@xxx.xxxx
    Hi Lee Anne: Just wanted to clarify something about my dream interpretations. I wasn t raised in any church (parents didn t want to bother with it) Then in
    Message 1 of 11 , Jun 2, 1998
      Hi Lee Anne:

      Just wanted to clarify something about my dream interpretations.
      I wasn't raised in any church (parents didn't want to bother with it)
      Then in various years, I became Catholic, Lutheran, Assy. of God,
      Baptist, and then no church again. I studied metaphysics for almost
      30 years, read widely in Edgar Cayce and various books on dream
      symbolism including mythology. I live with a dream researcher
      who has no religious background at all, but still has spiritual

      I don't think I'm biased towards any religion, and think that people don't
      give themselves enough credit for being spiritual beings in a
      physical body and don't look at the bigger picture of life. We DO
      have a spiritual life whether we want to admit it or not. Some don't
      I realize and many people can't define any particular slot to put
      themselves in, and I tend to be one of those.

      I'm widely open to dream interpretation and will be the first to tell
      someone that they need to interpret a dream from their own life's
      experiences. However, we should be open to other people's ideas
      if we can't come up with an interpretation ourselves and then choose
      a symbol that we are comfortable with or just leave it alone for a
      few years and when we come back to it later on, we might have
      new insight into it.

      Hope that helps to see where I am coming from.


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      From: LeeAnne Barnhart <lee.anne@...>

      Dee777: What about those of us in this group or in the world for that matter
      that may follow a different faith than yours? Aren't your "bible"
      interpretations a bit biased and one sided? Fish may not have the same
      spiritual meaning to others as they do for you....and I respect that they do
      for you.
      However, I feel it necessary to mention that there many different kinds of
      people in the world who relate to different things, and I would hope that in
      a "open
      discussion group" such as this, you would respect the differences in people.

      My point (or question) is....how do you know that YOUR interpretations are
      CORRECT and other interpretations are not? No disrespect meant at all
      you or your beliefs....in fact, I plan to visit your website and check out
      info there. I find learning about ALL kinds of different things interesting
      intriguing. Your opinion sounded very negative and condescending, and I felt
      should express to you my feeling was that this group was more "open".

      If I am wrong, group, please let me know and I will find a group that better
      fits my interests. Perhaps you should start a "dreamlist" geared strictly
      around the
      bible? Just a suggestion. I apologize if any offense is taken from my
      expressing my opinions on the matter.
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