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Re: Bees ....Kris

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  • Bri'ana
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2000

      From:   <kriscatherine@s...>

      <<<i remember 2 things from 2 different dreams this morning.. or maybe
      it was 1 dream(that i dont remember) anyway it remember bees>>>

      To me this is a recurring theme dream. It goes along with the one about the broken car. Bees are highly social critters and are hard workers. To me these are qualities that you probably possess. Unfortunately Bees also do not have minds of their own. They have the tasks they were born for like going out and finding Honey (symbolising the sweet things in life) and bringing it back to the hive for the benefit of all, or caring and feeding the larva. But this is all they do. They do not make their own decisions, go and do their own thing, or have the ability to create (well except for the Queen). I don't know if this makes any sense to you,  but this is what bees tell me.

      <<<and the number 2500.53 in some acct which belonged to me..>>>

      Got me stumped. I'm not good with dream numbers unless there is more to go on.


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