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Re: Twins

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  • LeeAnne
    OOOO yes. And interesting. Sort of a smothering and free and breathing difference. Interesting! Lee ... From: Brandy B. Stark
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 29, 1998
      OOOO yes. And interesting. Sort of a "smothering" and "free and breathing"
      difference. Interesting!

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      From: Brandy B. Stark <sfcfqyp@...>
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      Date: Wednesday, April 29, 1998 2:15 PM
      Subject: [dreams] Re: Twins

      >From: "Brandy B. Stark" <sfcfqyp@...>
      >Lee--Well, it was rare for me, even as a child (I aman only child, raised
      >with Mom who is a professional career woman! I was a latch-key kid for
      >usre!) to day anything to her....Mom's seem to hold a place up there
      >somehow...they can chastise you no matter HOW old you are....or make you
      >feel a lot better even when you have failed at a task....Oh, there was one
      >thing I dont' think I mentioned in my post....Mom's home was dark, dreary,
      >all in grey. There was little t o no light in thehouse, the air was
      >thick somehow. In the "twin's" home things were well lit...a lot of
      >sunlight...a pool....(water stands for teh subconscious, right...? could
      >this have been a manifestation?) the air was somehow clean.....Strange.
      >Certainly quite a contrast between the two places. Thanks...Brandy
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