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Brandy's foot dream

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  • Brandy B. Stark
    I had a dream the other night. I dreamt that Mom and I were out walking. I saw a huge yellow house with a 4 floor attached apt. building (like a giant garage
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 1999
      I had a dream the other night. I dreamt that Mom and I were out walking.
      I saw a huge yellow house with a 4 floor attached apt. building (like a
      giant garage apartment) attached to it. We went towards it...turns out it
      was for sale. The owners lived in the house, a huge open area. They were
      moving, and they house was for sale for 400, 000 dollars. Mom was worried
      about the cost, it was much more than the cost of our house, just a few
      blocks away. However, I asked about the apartments...turns out there were
      4 floors of renters, and the extra money they brought in made the house
      payments manageable.

      Then we went to tour the apts. Mom and I were inpressed. The apts. were
      just as spacious as the house! HUGE ROOMS! Tree times as big as the
      garage apt. I live in now! We both liked the house. We were invited to
      spend the night there to see what we thought...

      So, still in our street clothes (we never went back home in this dream) we
      were getting ready for bed. Mom and I had to share a room...

      Mom said something about cutting off my toes....see, I have what is called
      a "webbed" toe, actually, one on each foot. It's were two toes (mine are
      both sep.) join slightly higher than the other toes...it'ls like a
      small webbing between these toes. Anyway, Mom told me something bout
      cutting off the more prominent of the webbed toes. I took her seriously,
      got a big pair of scissors, and began to cut. I cut through one toe, and
      started the other. The one toe was still attached to my foot b/c of the
      webbing between the toes. It's like i was cutting around the entire two
      toes and webbing....I stopped cutting. It didn't hurt, there was no
      blood. Mom came by and saw me...she didn't see the scissors....or see me
      cut my own toes. She panicked. We had to go to the emergency room NOW
      she said. I didn't understand what was wrong. I mean, no pain, no
      blood....but, I didn't tell her *I* cut my toes, nor that I took her
      seriously. It was then I realized she was joking.

      We were driving in the car, it was grey and raining out. On the way to
      the ER (which seemed to be a ways out from where we were) I felt my heel
      start to hurt. I looked at my foot. T eh skin beneath the heel had peeled
      back, like a flap. NO blood, again, but I could see the bone (almost as
      if my calf bones were poles, and I was looking at the end of the poles) I
      saw the pink tissue of muscle, too. AND IT HURT> I began to panic then.
      WE got to the ER an my foot really hurt. Mom and I were frantically
      trying to sign in before another family came in (we were outracing
      them...)...but the sign in sheet was not readily evident. I found it
      first and began to sign in. IF I didn't we'd have to wait in line, until
      after this family went first.

      That's all I remember. Any ideas? I know this really hurt! It was a
      sickening feeling, esp. when the heel of my foot peeled off...and was
      blowing like a flap in the breeze!

      Thanks for the help.
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