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  • UNA ET SOLA Brandy B. Stark
    Jul 18, 2002
      I wanted to let you all know that Suncoast Freenet is having problems.
      They tried to modify their systems, so of course it's messed things up.
      Evidentially, some of my e-mail is getting through, and some can and some
      cannot respond to me.

      I understand that some of it is bouncing.

      My apologies. This is out of my control. Freenet is aware of the problem
      and has been working on it since the 16th, but has not solved it. List
      owners: my e-mail will not change. I just hope they solve this problem
      relatively soon.

      To those who need to contact me via e-mail, for emergency purposes only,
      or if in need of immediate contact, please send to my hotmail account:

      This is also my business account, so I am not transferring lists over to
      it. Ih ope that this is shortly solved.

      Thanks, all.

      Paxque Vale-- Brandy, Regina Maxima

      Exegi monumentum aere perennius...Non omnis morirar, multaque pars mei
      vitabit Libitinam. (I have produced a monument more lasting than
      bronze...I shall not entirely die, a large part of me will avoid Libitina
      [the goddess of funerals]). --Horace in reference to his writings.

      Pugs and ghosts and art, O my! http://starkimages.homestead.com/Home.html
      SPIRITS team ghost hunts: http://centralflghosts.homestead.com/home.html