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Re: [outsider_chronicles] Stakes

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  • keith@heraldicgame.com
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 24, 2003
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      <<I'm not sure if you're into player empowerment, but you did say "dramatic"
      so...I was thinking about the whole idea of being able to change stakes.

      I am actually very much into player empowerment. Part of the Dramatic
      formula is involving the players. That means giving them a say in what
      happens in the adventure.With Plot Points to allow for legal fudging in the
      game, a GM should never have to fudge for the players. In fact, it may be
      possible for the PC to change his opponents' mind by spending Plot Points to
      lower his Stakes.

      Keith W. Sears
      Heraldic Game Design
      Publishers of "The Outsider Chronicles"
      Proud Webmaster for the Game Publishers Association
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