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Luna System is going "Diceless"

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  • blckthorn
    Hi everyone, Besides my busy schedule, one of the main reasons updates haven t forthcoming of late is because I have been considering several new engines for
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2005
      Hi everyone,

      Besides my busy schedule, one of the main reasons updates haven't
      forthcoming of late is because I have been considering several
      new "engines" for the Luna system in order to achieve my goals with
      it, and to make the Outsider Chronicles a truly unique game. I've
      been giving this some very deep consideration over the past few
      months, and I believe I finally have a solution.

      The Luna System is going "Diceless." Let me emaphasize that this is
      not the type of diceless in the Amber RPG, nor is it the a rigid
      point-allocation system like most of the other diceless games. There
      is a random element to it. It just doesn't use dice. I also haven't
      thrown out all the good ideas that have been brought up on this
      board. I think this new engine helps crystallize them.

      I simply haven't been able to come up with a better description for
      this. If anyone can think of a term for it that doesn't make gamers'
      faces twist up like they just sucked on a lemon, I would appreciate

      Here it is in a nutshell:

      The random element in the game is a bag of glass stones that can be
      found in just about any craft shop. Half of them are white, and the
      other half are black. This will be referred to as the "Bag o' Fate"
      or "Moon." Once again, I need a good term for it.

      A character can handle any Challenge that is a difficulty less than
      or equal to the Trait score it would take to overcome the obstacle.
      However, if the Challenge is higher than the Trait, he must draw a
      number of white stones from the "Bag o' Fate" to exceed the
      Challenge rating by at least 1. If he draws all white stones, then
      he makes it safely. No problem.

      If he draws any black stones, then things get interesting. The
      player has several options:

      1.) Stop drawing and accept failure.
      2.) Use a Plot Point to turn the stone white.
      3.) Taint his success. Each black stone drawn would mean a -1 loss
      for the character in some way related to the Challenge. For example,
      the character may suceed in climbing a wall, but may have hurt
      himself or lost some equipment in the process. What happens is
      entirely up to the player.
      4.) Hand the black stone over to the GM in exchange for a white one.
      This is done with the understanding that the GM cannot use the stone
      against the player in the current Challenge, but can nail him wiht
      it in a future Challenge by turning a white stone black.

      I've also been teasing with the idea of putting a red and green
      stone into the mix to act as critical successes and failures.

      I know this stuff could be done with dice, but the bag of stones
      links into the black and white Plot Points idea I had ealier.
      Whenever the GM introduces a new Challenge to the adventure, he will
      add a number of white stones to the bag, shifting the probability of
      the bag in the favor of the players. Introducing a helpful element
      would allow him to add some black stones to the mix.

      I will have more detail on this later, but I would appreciate

      Thank you,

      ~Keith W. Sears
      Healdic Game Design
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