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Re: [dre-talk] Faith Formation Council

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    Be sure to do a demographic study of your parish - not just of those who are registered in your parish but check the secular demographic information on the
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      Be sure to do a demographic study of your parish - not just of those who are registered in your parish but check the secular demographic information on the number of Catholics who actually live in your parish.

      We are a mobil society. In our 21st century it is not uncommon for close to a majority of our Catholics not to be registered. These are often the "lost sheep" that are not included in our plans. For children, one can check the local public school demographics which are public and get a pretty good idea how many of the Catholic children are active in what you are already doing. Generally there are studies that will estimate the percentage of folks who are in the various religious groupings. It is generally acurate to the needs we have - better than most parish data.

      Good Luck.


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      Hi Janet,

      I will be using my parish's upcoming 140th anniversary as the catalyst for something I've been wanting to do for sometime, developing a systematic plan for catechesis in the parish. The pastoral staff and Parish Council had already begun a conversation about determining the needs of this changing parish using focus groups, and through the process refocusing our vision and mission. This provides me an opportunity, as you indicated you want to do, to involve key people across the parish who would be affected by the plan.

      I was inspired by Rev. Robert Duggan who was a keynote speaker at the NPCD Convocation in Atlanta this past Spring. He talked about the importance of developing a plan for catechesis in the parish, and he laid out in very practical terms how to go about it. Fortunately, he put it all down in a resource entitled, Creating A Catechetical Plan: A How-To-Do-It Resource. It includes a practical guide to the planning process, planning worksheets, a sample plan, highlights of vision for catechesis set forth by the NDC, a bibliography of other resources, etc. I plan on using it to guide my efforts. It is a publication of NCEA, and can be ordered from the website: www.ncea.org YGo to thr onsite catalogue and type the title into the search engine.

      God bless you in your ministry.

      Kevin Cody, DRE
      St. Alphonsus
      Lemont, IL

      betjet <betjet@...> wrote:
      My name is Janet Harmon and I direct a Children's Faith Formation
      program with almost 300 students in Southern Maryland.
      Laast spring, we lost a wonderful youth minister and now my pastor and
      I are talking about inviting a group of people to brainstorm about a
      shared vision for parish faith formation. We are thinking of inviting
      adult bible study leaders, RCIA leaders, Knights of Columbus Officers, a
      homeschooling group representative or two, some retired catechists,
      senior parishioners and interested young adults, catechists and parents.
      Does anyone have experience forming a group like this to possibly
      organize family formation events in the parish?
      Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences and wisdom. If you
      wish to email me directly, my work email is janet@.... God bless .

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