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Re: Sacrament Prep Survey

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  • lemonpie1420
    Linda, Do you have any email-able info about the Welcome Your Child program? Is it on your diocesan website? I d love to learn more! carla ... child is ...
    Message 1 of 21 , Feb 1, 2004
      Do you have any email-able info about the "Welcome Your Child"
      program? Is it on your diocesan website? I'd love to learn more!

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      > lemonpie@z... writes:
      > >
      > > "Community building, Tour of facilities, sharing"...now, those are
      > > things people could actually use! I also like when parents bring
      > > thier babies, as well as older siblings, to Baptism Prep. Watching
      > > the sibs touch the water,oil, and candle and talk about the baptismal
      > > symbols...as well as write a note to their soon to be baptized brother
      > > or sister...is a real joy... and a asset to the formation process.
      > > carla
      > >
      > These are things that are incorporated in the "Welcome
      > Your Child" program in our diocese. There are 2 sessions before the
      child is
      > born and then a few more scattered over the next couple of years (not
      > required but encouraged). They not only talk about sacrament life,
      parish life,
      > family life but also the physical and emotional development of the
      infant which
      > can be a wealth of information to new parents. These families feel
      that they
      > are cared for and an important part of the parish.
      > Babies are brought to the sessions as well as older siblings and
      > is available.
      > So far the Welcome Your Child program has been well accepted. There
      > always some that feel they must put in the few required hours as a
      hoop to jump
      > through but hopefully the seeds will have been planted and will be
      > somewhere down the line. That is all we can hope and pray for.
      > Linda Bracht
      > Sioux City, IA
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