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September Topic:

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  • katveee@aol.com
    May September find you rested and ready to share faith and love with God s family. Welcome to new members of Dre-talk. My name is Kathy and I along with NPCD
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2002
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      May September find you rested and ready to share faith and love with God's

      Welcome to new members of Dre-talk. My name is Kathy and I along with NPCD
      (National Association of Parish Catechetical Directors) Executive Board, part
      of the Religious Education Department of NCEA, own and manage this list.
      Click Here: <A HREF="http://www.ncea.org/RelEd/index.shtml">Department of Religious Education</A> for the National Association of
      Parish Catechetical Directors (A professional organization for Parish
      Catechetical Leaders)

      Generally, from September to May, a topic is posted each month as a
      discussion starter, not as a discussion limiter. (Members are free to post on
      any subject relating to faith formation or directing and/or coordinating
      Religious Education Programs in parishes.)

      be uploaded to our Web address site.

      The topic for September is "How Do You Handle Registration?"
      (cost, information gathered, emergency forms etc.)

      ALL emails sent to DRE-talk go out to nearly 350 group members. This and
      other egroup lists have a default so that when you receive an email from
      dre-talk and wish to reply to the sender, both the "send now" and the "send
      later" buttons go to the entire list. To send an individual reply to the
      "sender" of the email, you must "manually" insert the individual recipient's
      email address in the address line and delete the Dre-talk address

      Otherwise your reply will go to all 350 of us even if it is a "Thank You" to
      a specific person.

      Some of the topics discussed over the summer are: Planning Liturgies and
      Teaching about the Mass; Information about "Voice of the Faithful" and Child
      Abuse; Titles, Job Descriptions, Interviews and Justice Issues for
      DRE/CRE/Catechetical Leaders; Catechetical Resources for High School;
      Parish/Program Libraries; RCIA; and September 11 Resources.


      1. An NPCD initiative for NPCD members is DRE Clusters. DRE's
      that sign up are matched up with 3 other DRE'/Coordinators and
      asked to communicate four times a year - by email, snail mail,
      telephone or in person on any subject of interest to them. This is
      another way to network and resource each other. If you aren't
      currently a member of NPCD, consider becoming part of an
      organization of nearly 2000 DRE's across the US.

      2. Dre-talk is an egroup list that is part of Yahoo. They are the ones
      who, at no cost to us, distribute our mail and put the ads on our
      messages. They also provide us with other services that include
      our own Home Page. In order to access the Dre-talk Home Page
      and features, members must register with Yahoo as well as
      subscribe to Dre-talk.
      The web address for our egroups: <A HREF="http://groups.yahoo.com/">Click here: Yahoo! Groups</A>
      or go to www.Yahoogroups.com and follow the directions to identify
      your email address with yahoo groups. Register if you haven't. Then
      log in. Once you are logged in you will see a list of groups to which
      you subscribe. Click on Dre-talk and follow the directions to change
      your subscription or click to access the other features.

      If you have friends that wish to subscribe to Dre-talk. Cut and paste
      the following <A HREF="http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dre-talk/join">Click here: Yahoo! Groups: dre-talk Subscribe</A> and
      email it to them.

      Web page and email features:

      The main feature is the list. Most of you receive individual emails of each
      message. If that is too much mail for you, you may want to switch to the
      daily digest (all messages for the day sent in one mail), or to web-only

      A Reminder: Please refrain from passing on stories, prayer chains, etc.,
      unless they are directly related to what we do as Catechetical Leaders and
      DRE's or can be used for Catechetical Formation in some way.

      Files is the place where files with lesson plans, meeting agendas, prayer
      services, etc., can be uploaded. Posts have been organized and edited on
      Catechist Issues, Children's Liturgy of the Word, Children With Special
      Needs. Confirmation Issues, Parent Handbooks, RCIA for Children, VBS, and
      Sharing Space Issues for easier reading. Files with Prayers for Meetings
      with Parents, a Bible Presentation Service and Information on Multiple
      Intelligence are also available. Any member can add files with lesson plans,
      workshop ideas, stories to use, etc., to the files.

      In general, it is safer to place large quantities of information in a file
      and upload it to our web page, than it is to attach them to an email
      that needs to be downloaded. (I'm no expert on viruses, but the
      "egroup genies" tell me we shouldn't open attachments sent out to large
      groups of people.) Also depending on the underlying software on individual
      computers, some may have trouble deciphering downloaded attachments.

      Original posts are still in the archives. There have been well over a 3500
      posts since the group began in March 1999. These can be viewed by thread,
      topic title or by date on the Home Page

      Bookmarks has links to publishers, resources and websites that may be helpful
      to Religious Educators. Feel free to add your favorites.

      There is a poll feature that can be used to pose questions to the group and
      record and tabulate the results.

      Database is a membership database. If you haven't done so, consider going
      there and filling out as much information as you are comfortable sharing.
      There may be someone geographically close that you can network with easily.

      Chat is a chat room. If someone wants to organize a chat, feel free to do
      so. Set up a time and topic and post it to the group. Make sure you let us
      know what time zone.

      Post message: dre-talk@yahoogroups.com
      Subscribe: dre-talk-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      Unsubscribe: dre-talk-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com
      List owner: dre-talk-owner@yahoogroups.com
      URL to this page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dre-talk

      The above should help you make better use of Dre-talk. If you are unable to
      access any of the features, please email me off list at Katveee@...

      Kathy Viele, Dre-talk Moderator
      DRE Beatitudes of Our Lord Parish
      13013 So. Santa Gertrudes
      La Mirada, CA 90638

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