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Re: [dre-talk] Adult Faith Formation

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  • Mark Nuehring
    I concur with Barbara that you must become the prophet in your local situation to promote the vision of adult faith formation and the initiation process as the
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 2, 2002
      I concur with Barbara that you must become the
      prophet in your local situation to promote the vision
      of adult faith formation and the initiation process as
      the norm. I do feel, however, that during this
      process, which will take time, you MUST also find
      people, (like your RCIA team, a lead lector, etc...)
      who can begin to mentor others so you don't have to
      feel like you need to do it all, which realistically
      you can't.

      The General Directory for Catechesis, a wonderful
      vision document, speaks of apprenticeship as a model
      we must all be about in catechesis! You are
      apprecticing all those you work with directly to
      develop their baptismal call to ministry! This needs
      to be your CENTRAL ministry (i.e. RCIA teams, lead
      lector etc)!

      This will take time, but if your a "J" on the
      Myers/Briggs, like I am, then you will want to be
      doing something to make a difference rather than just
      forming your parish council. The formation of the
      council is essential however! In order for the parish
      to MOVE to more of an adult faith formaiton
      orientation you must FORM the volunteer leadership in
      this new vision and help them see its urgency.

      You should have someone on the diocesan level who can
      assist you locally by in-servicing your parish council
      and resourcing you!

      Good luck and God Bless YOU!

      --- bjndre323@... wrote:
      > NPCD news March issue will address some of your
      > concerns in feature article
      > entitled "Just Practices" - and personally I feel
      > that you are doing all you
      > can at present given that your parish does not yet
      > see the importance of
      > having a full-time RCIA coordinator in place. You
      > may be the messenger, in
      > this case, letting your pastor and parish council
      > know that the Bishop's
      > document "Our Hearts are Burning Within Us" can only
      > be implemented if the
      > full vision and mission of the parish is to forming
      > faith for all ages. The
      > RCIA model must somehow become the "norm" for bring
      > the parish to the full
      > awareness that everyone in the pew and especially
      > the lectors who proclaim
      > the scriptures can break open the word with our
      > catechumens. In fact, it is
      > everyone's response to the catechumens to do just
      > that? As ministers in a
      > parish setting I think our challenge is to plant the
      > seeds now for what adult
      > faith formation may look like in the future. A lot
      > of what we try to do in
      > the parish setting, I feel, needs to go into small
      > faith communities - where
      > coordinators and directors and with the support of
      > the parish pastors enpower
      > catechetical leaders to do what we try to do for the
      > whole parish in Faith
      > Formation - but rather our job could be to train the
      > catechetical leaders to
      > do in small faith communities all the things that we
      > would love to do in
      > ministry but because we are only one it is
      > physically and mentally
      > impossible. I will pray that you are up to helping
      > educate those in power to
      > make changes within your parish - and prehaps this
      > means taking a look at
      > your job description in light of what one can do to
      > set better things in
      > motion.
      > Barbara Nichols

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