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11196Re: [dre-talk] Blessing of Children

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  • Cathy Qualls
    Aug 20, 2013

      I am trying to understand the question. If you are taking non-Catholic children to Mass during the school year, I have a problem trooping them up to the altar when they are not able to receive Eucharist. It only highlights the separation that exists in our Christian communities. There is a blessing for all at the end of the Mass that is meant for all present.

      As a child I lived in California and was so impressed to watch the Mother of my Hispanic friends bless their children before going out to play. I was also in line to board a plane many years later when a young father repeatedly made the sign of the cross on his wife and small son who were boarding with me. Being blessed by anyone other than a Priest was not part of my culture and I am sorry that it was not. There is a blessing of the senses in the RCIA rite that could be used in the classroom. Teachers can invoke a blessing on all as the leave. Many possibilities - not sure this is what you asked. Peace, Cathy Qualls

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      Hello Laurie,

      I am no longer a DRE but I would take the blessings from the Blessings book that blessed the children, teachers, parents etc. Catechectical Sunday which is in September also has many resource materials for such an event. Hope this is helpful. Evelyn Kuhn

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      From: Laurie

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      Greetings fellow ministers!

      I once again seek your insight and wisdom as we prepare to open our doors for a new school year. Our population is nearly 50% non-Catholic and the faculty has requested that students who are not able to receive Communion receive a blessing. Is this a practice at your parish and was it readily accepted by your community?

      As the DRE, I loved the idea and began researching catechesis on the significance of a blessing in order to prepare parents,teachers and students. Yet, I was also very surprised by the number of folks who were against it, including the clergy.

      Thanks so much for your input and I look forward to your feedback.

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