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[dragwars] Slavonic deities in Krarth??

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  • Maier Robert
    ... Hmh, Byalobog and Czyarnobog... that feels a little over-simplistic but I ll check it up. Anyway, here s an abstract of an article in Dech Draka 2/96: Most
    Message 1 of 14 , Dec 1, 1998
      >What there seems to be, effectively, is Byelobog and Chyornobog
      >(transliterations may differ). These are basically "white god" and
      >"black god" respectively, with the dualistic theology that one
      >would expect to associate with such a system.

      Hmh, Byalobog and Czyarnobog... that feels a little over-simplistic
      but I'll check it up.

      Anyway, here's an abstract of an article in Dech Draka 2/96:

      Most powerful god of the Slavonic Pantheon was one PERUN
      (PER-oon), Lord of thunderstorms, giver of rain, patron of war. (For
      the name, cf also Thor's mother Fjargun.)
      He was guardian deity of the Kyev Rus nobles, whereas
      the Rus itself related to Veles (see below). After successful
      military actions, he and various others were given human sacrifices.
      Imagined as a grown-up man with a beard (there is evidence of a
      statue with golden beard and silver hair); weapons bow and arrows, or
      a burning axe (apparently many axe-shaped amulets in old Russian
      graves). Connected with: bulls (which were sacrificed to him), oaks
      (often, an oak tree sufficed as an image of the god and received
      worship and sacrifice), Wednesdays (just as most indoeuropean lords
      of thunder), and lilies (possibly).
      A Perun-related tradition from the Balkans (esp. Bulgaria),
      common until not too long ago: in case of a draught, a virgin was
      dressed in leaves and flowers, then with sing and dance spilt all
      over with water. Other deities mentioned together with him but not
      detailed: Dazhbog, Xores, Stribog, Mokosh (statues of these were
      erected in Kyev around 980).

      VELES (also Volos) was the second most important, dubbed
      "stock god". Apart from his having curled hair, various hypotheses of
      his competence abound:
      a) livestock, fertility, harvest, husbandry and wealth -
      most probable in my opinion, cf the Rus relation above
      b) an underworld being, opponent of Perun (derived from
      name similarity with Indian demon Vala)
      c) minstrels (from the Song of Igor)
      d) the holy hunter from the swamplands (from baltic hunter

      These two alone, I suggest, are already great for Krarth.
      More clearly so Veles, despite (or because of) all his ambiguity.
      I mean, look at how fertility ever only comes to Krarth
      with thawing... and how that, in most places, will create a godawful
      bog (no pun on the slavonic word for 'god' intended). You see how
      that links the farming and the swamp hunter? - Add the joy after the
      hurried harvest, and you get the minstrels. - Now make Perun a god of
      free roaming and fire-making (the axe!) in the wasteland - there's
      the opponency.
      ...which would make Veles rather a god for the
      citadel-bound peasants, ever expecting the short tundra summers, and
      Perun for the few renegade barbarians out in the icy deserts (though
      not for the Frost Giants - you see why).
      In that case, one could also consider Veles as a deity from
      the Trackless Ooze, more prevalent in the South and South-East, Perun
      an import from the Mercanian coast ("A Mercanian import? O those
      crafty traders..." ;)
      Maybe also that boils down to Byalobog vs. Czyarnobog again
      - only in that case, I'm no longer sure of who's the good one. (Of
      course, the "Magi" are happier with Veles. But is Veles happy with
      *them*? Would it be a good idea for the suppressors of his people to
      go out hunting *during the thaw*?) Etc, etc.

      Oh wow now I'm impressed with what I've just written.
      Spontaneous inspiration's really great. Any comment?
      (I haven't got the time to work it out now, or look up much more.
      Please! Comment! Input! Creativity!)

      >Of couse, a really splendid source for this sort of thing is
      >the game "Rus", now out of print.
      I've heard only rumours about that one, anyone with in-depth
      knowledge out there?

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