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Re: [dragwars] Knightly Virtues

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  • kieran turley
    I believe that the Sommerland Knights in the Lone Wolf RPG from mongoose have some nice knightly virtues you could adapt. Worth a look. Kieran Wayne Imlach
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 2, 2006
      I believe that the Sommerland Knights in the Lone Wolf RPG from mongoose have some nice knightly virtues you could adapt. Worth a look.

      Wayne Imlach <wimlach@...> wrote:
      Some interesting skills there - may I suggest some modifications to shift a few toward 'realism' without adding additional complexity:
      Mounted Combat
      I would only allow a bonus if the mounted knight is attacking a target lower than himself - two mounted knights deulling from horseback would cancel out any relative advantage.
      I would remove the bonus to attack, as fighting mounted is in no way 'easier' than fighting from foot.
      However, I would instead add +1 to Armour bypass and Damage. Fighting from an elevated position (such as horseback) allows the knight to use gravity and momentum to their advantage when delivering blows to less elevated targets.
      A couched lance attack only offers an advantage when used from a charge - once the knight is in melee a lance is a hinderance rather than a help. Its great advantage is in adding the strength and momentum of the horse to the impact of the initial blow, piercing even heavy armour with ease.
      I suggest that a lance is treated as a spear unless the attack is directly following a charge - in this case the Knight gains a +2 to Armour Bypass and Damage, as well as always attacking first regardless of reflexes unless the opponent is armed with a similarly long weapon (such as spear or halberd).
      NOTE: Similar rules can also be applied when setting a spear and receiving a charge - though in this case the momentum of the attacking rider works against him. In these cases the 'set' weapon gains the same advantage as the Lance; +2 to Armour Bypass and Damage.
      I would suggest this is based less on intelligence and more on experience - and should also take into account the 'fame' or rank of the target being assessed. Higher ranked knights are more likely to be well known among their peers or those who aspire to follow them. Conversely, a lowly 1st rank knight may be virtually unknown outside his own estates, even by those who study Heraldry closely. How about:
      Roll less than or equal to Your Rank + Rank of Opponent on 2d10 to accurately determine the opponents Heraldry.
      A bonus should be applied if assessing a knight of noble birth, who is likely to be well known merely due to his elevated social status - double the effective rank of the opponent for these tests.
      A penalty should be applied if in foreign lands or assessing the heradly of a foreign knight - in these cases half the rank of both the assessor and assessee when trying to determine Heraldic identity.
      This ability is at odds with the rules somewhat - in traditional Dragon Warriors you get experience points for 'defeating' opponents, which doesn't necessarily mean killing them. I would suggest intead that a knight who shows mercy (spares a deafeated opponent) gains additional 1xp for doing so. Killing is easy - sparing your opponent is often more difficult and also dangerous, especially in the case of dishonourable foes who might take advantage of such mercy to continue their attack. Note that the xp is awarded only if the victim lives - sparing a fallen foe only to have your adventuring companions deal the killing blow does not count!
      I would re-assess any abilities that mention losing xp or that have a negative effect if not adhered to. If I play a thoroughly mercenary robber knight, why should I lose XP for stealing a goblet from a temple? You mention that a knight MUST choose a virtue on each rank - can I choose to deliberately not select a virtue if it is at odds with the character? Unless you make virtues optional, they must never have a negative aspect, otherwise you are dictating the behaviour of such characters.

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