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HA: [dragwars] Re: Foresters & Tricksters & Elementalist.. whats wrong.

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  • Nicholas, Bannister Evan - NICBE001
    Actually I think thats what I was trying to say.. but went overboard in the explanation.. Take one knight and add just a pinch of flavour, or take the Ideal of
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      Actually I think thats what I was trying to say.. but went overboard in the explanation..

      Take one knight and add just a pinch of flavour, or take the Ideal of the Elementalist, but build it with a 'fair and equal' set of points that makes it equate to the knight and the sorcerer..

      Making some hybrid character every roleplay session, isn't the intended idea, especially some knightarianisterer or such...


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      I'd much rather stick to established Professions then throw them all into a pot and pull out some weird mutant Knightbarsorcermentalist. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I like it the way it is without multiclasses. To each their own I guess, that's why we all have our own house rules! Take one serve of dragon warriors and add a pinch of individual flavour. Now that's how i like it!

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      Totally, a Great way to develop characters, I've been doing that for my more
      indepth Campaigns for years now, ever since I saw the full list of Book 6,
      Background chart, I'd get players to roll this first, and then determine thier
      character, their equipment, even nobles gaining a rank at the start of the game,
      or the riff raff, gaining 1 level of assasin, to 'count' for thier street

      Over time, the group fleshed out an entire system to create characters based on
      your background and the choices you make, honing it down to the first roleplay
      session, 4-6 hours for a group... 2 for an individual.

      If there is a Suppliment for new 'character classes' Instead of an actual class,
      It would far smarter to just have a 'builder' which allows your some kind of pts
      system to create a proffession.

      +1 Attack per 5 levels: 5 pts
      +1 per 4 levels: 15 pts
      +1 per .....
      +1 Bonus at 5th: 20pts
      +1 Bonus at 9th: 18pts
      +1 Per ....
      Proffesion Pts must add up to less than 250, leftover points count as gold
      towards equipment?

      (not actualy points system used, just based on memory of how we did things)

      Instead of having 'Knight', some players might develop a "Hedge Knight, who had
      a slight decrease in some bonuses, so they could gain a little Barbarism, or a
      skill equivalent to Blood Rage for the Knight..a.k.a Heritage Honour Attack:
      when someone attacks your honour, you can 'mentally battle' an argument, using
      INT as HP, the winner wins the argument and backsdown, conceding defeat. The
      Hedge Knight, if he is the winner gains half appropriate experience.

      I've read where others have done something similar.. and its a Very good tool to
      'Balance' the other professions, toned down the Assasin slightly, the Warlock
      greatly, and added just a few things back to the elementalist (pyrotechnics, did
      up to d4-AF as an example)


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      Subject: [dragwars] Re: Foresters & Tricksters

      I think I agree that too many tweaks to professions are unnecessary -
      after all, it is about the role playing rather than accruing of power
      and magical gubbinry! Well, at least it should be - if not, go play
      something else!

      I think that's one of the great things about DW - rather than being
      suited to beginners, I think it really embraces the most experienced
      of role-players - the type where the actual mechanics of the game fade
      into the distant background and the story and character interactions b
      ecome the most interesting and important thing.

      In 17 years of playing DW I've played and GMed dozens of games
      involving all of the character classes, including one campaign in
      which the main PCs were in fact unranked humans fighting to stay alive
      in turbulent times (only after about 3 or 4 adventures did I allow
      them to choose a profession, at which point their characters' story
      lines had panned out in such a way as to point out which profession
      they'd clearly be).

      All of the professions have something to offer in terms of game play -
      even darkness elementalists (a number of "recovering darkness addict
      pressed back into action" games come immediately to mind here).

      While some tweaks would be okay, I'd hope these don't corrupt of alter
      the colour and nature of the old DW game.


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