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  • yippyyi2000
    I seem to recall reading about the templars heads I had thought they were human? The way it was presented fitted in very well with the roman aspect. Cue link
    Message 1 of 27 , Apr 7, 2003
      I seem to recall reading about the templars heads I had thought they
      were human? The way it was presented fitted in very well with the
      roman aspect. Cue link to something else I liked.

      I liked the elementalists but they didn't feel right to me, where
      were the elementals and why were they so under powered.
      I wanted to play a air elementalist but a starting character without
      his 20gp harp can cast light breeze once. Come on it's like having
      one of those personal fans for the Summer but with duff batteries. So
      guess what, I changed it.

      Affecting the other elementalists at a basic level;
      1, I found it strange that an elemantalist of another element can
      cast as high a level spell as one who specialises in it. To
      counterbalance some of the gains; at 1st, 5th and 10th no MP's in the
      2nd and 3rd elements are allocated.
      2, To represent the relationship an elementalists has with their
      element they have a 0 cost ability with it. e.g.
      Fire - can cause a small flame to appear at end of their forefinger.
      This can be used to light torches etc. but no combat use.
      Air - as per level 1 spell.
      Darkness - gloomsight. Geas - If used more than 10 times in a month
      it is permanent. etc.
      3, If summoning an elemental with an essence X4 rank if own element,
      X2 if one of the secondary elements and X1/2 for the opposed element.
      Darkness elementalists no longer get the extra powers listed in the
      other elements just the plain powers. They still have decent spells
      in comparison to the others after all.

      Elemental Sense
      This skill is gained at 4th level. The elementalist can sense large
      changes within their element e.g. air elementalists could feel a
      change in the weather approaching, fire elementalist would sense a
      house alight before they could see it etc.
      The elementalist must concentrate for a round to use this skill. They
      can also feel the presence of any sort of elemental within a mile.
      This is the ability that allows an elementalist to lock power into
      At 4th level this works much the same as scrolls for sorcerers except
      for the form and no cost.
      e.g. small tube elementalist blows the bound air out and the spell
      takes effect, small charred stick that is burnt with the flame
      finger, sealed container of water that is broken/emptied etc. These
      can only be created for the elementalists main power and used by
      those elementalists of the same element.
      At 8th level an elementalist may create the elemental essence for
      their element over a 28 day period at no cost. Whilst doing this the
      elementalist must use 20 MPs a day creating the essence. If a day is
      missed the essence is ruined.
      At 12th level air elementalist can create flying ring etc.
      At 15th level create unique items.

      Powers Of The Mighty
      At 8th level - Sumon Elemental, at the cost of 100 experience an
      elementalist may summon an elemental - as per book 1 except the
      elemental does not leave after a fixed time and heals 1 hp a day if
      they stay in their element. The limitation of the summoned elemental
      is that it is tied to the vicinity of where it was summoned.

      Air Elementalist
      At the basic level equipment is a wooden horn - 8 florins. In my
      opinion this is more in keeping with the feel of the character, not a
      20 gp harp!

      1, False Rumours as per normal level 3.
      2, Create Heavy Wind (range 30m) As per old level 1 but more so, e.g.
      blow out torches. Can be used to target 1 person. This causes the
      target to fall over if they fail a reflexes roll.
      3, Guiding touch. This spell is cast on a drawn arrow and gives a
      bounus of +1 attack per level of the caster. If the arrow is put down
      or stored the enchantment is lost.
      4, Windwall, as normal.
      5, Garrote, as normal level 7 spell.
      6, Intangibility, as normal
      7, Wearing wind SPEED 10 Range 10m Spell expiry roll req'd. This
      spell weaves a 3m cone of whirling air that abrades all it comes into
      contact with. D6 damage per round. Whilst of limited use in combat
      due to it's slowness and low damage the casting of this spell can
      slowly wear away the obstacles that stands in the elementalists way.
      8, Flight, as normal.
      9, Spin, as normal.
      10, Banshee, as normal.

      n.b.I always had the impression that the group with Oliver Johnson
      must have had a water elementalist. What with the half decent spells,
      magic items found in book 5, basic magic equipment and the bizare
      placement of the lightning spell.

      What do you think?
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