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To stay with the times, we're moving to Facebook. Join the DPjudge Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/989418777786642/ now by clicking on the link
Nov 20

Re: A signal for the future?

I stand corrected. I'll accept Simon Szykman's write-up in the Zine as the authoritative source, and there it states clearly that Switzerland is lauded for its
Mario Huys
Oct 6

Re: A signal for the future?

Fantastic! Only issue, I thought convoy to Switzerland was asking for an armistice?
Matthias Görgens
Oct 6

A signal for the future?

Rejoice, you buccaneers, I found the formula to allow invalid orders in NO_PRESS games without throwing out the whole order checking routine that many players
Mario Huys
Oct 5

Diplomacy paper

Here's some great news from Jordan Boyd-Graber. The paper, written by Vlad Niculae, on linguistic patterns of betrayal in Diplomacy was accepted to ACL, the
Mario Huys
Jul 29

Re: No disk space

Disk space problem fixed and all status files restored. Only those games that had their status files erased have new deadlines. The rest proceeds as normal
Mario Huys
May 19

No disk space

The USDP server had run out of disk space and as a result you could no longer log in to your games. Worse, some status files have been completely emptied after
Mario Huys
May 18

Re: The Zine has a new editor

The S2015M issue is out. To reach a bigger public I put the link at the top of the DPjudge web pages. Go check it out. Mario.
Mario Huys
Apr 3

Team games and start options

I can't say how glad I was that someone noticed that the DPjudge is in constant evolution, as the previous poster did. Small, but incremental. Like the new
Mario Huys
Feb 24

Re: game setup

No grace and no "smart" cd? You clearly have no pity for people missing deadlines. Cool. http://www.floc.net/dpjudge/?game=one-more-time is now forming. Mario.
Mario Huys
Feb 24

Re: game setup

Thanks Mario! I'm looking for a standard game: default unordered civil disorder player deadlines propose dias MTWTF, 24 hr retreats/builds, 72 hr turns call it
Feb 24

Re: game setup

No. Just post to the forum or contact the judgekeeper (that's me). Mario.
Mario Huys
Feb 23

game setup

it's been a long time since I played a game through the DPjudge and it seems like many things have been upgraded. Is there a new way to petition a GM?
Feb 23

The Zine has a new editor

... and it happens to be me. But let me first tell you (if you didn't know already) that the W2014A issue of the Zine is out. Between an unprecedented torrent
Mario Huys
Feb 10

Re: Server move of USDP and DPFG

Crontab has been restarted. Turns will be processed, but now on the new server. If you notice any irregularities, contact the judgekeeper (that's me). Mario.
Mario Huys
Feb 2
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