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Fw: Boudin res-o-pee

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  • Tom T.
    Here it are frum a gen-u-whine half cajun half irish guy! LOL   T-bone----- Forwarded Message ----- From: CaptainMidnight To:
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      Here it are frum a gen-u-whine half cajun half irish guy! LOL

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      Boudin blanc Boudin Blanc is a Cajun pork and rice sausage, and it's mighty good! You can stuff it in sausage skins, or use it as a great stuffing in bell peppers, baked chicken, or just as a side dish. Boudin Blanc 1 big onion-chopped 1 bell pepper chopped 1 bunch-green onions-chopped-tops and all big handful fresh parsley-chopped 5 cloves garic-minced 1 tsp cayenne red pepper 1 tsp crushed red chili flakes 1/2 tsp alspice 2 tsp jalapeno salt(Texas Gunpowder) -------------------------------------------------- 3 cups pork stock 5 cups cooked white rice -------------------------------------------------- 8 cups cooked pork meat with some fat in it. put a little oil in skillet-and saute the first group of stuff till onions are clear-then add pork stock and rice-mix well-simmer about 10 min, then put in pork-and simmer about 5 min. remove and cool-stuff in natural pork casings-tie off about every 6 to 12 inches. This will freeze for about a month,
      but is best when it is fresh cooked. to serve-prick skins and heat in a fry pan with water---or prick skin and throw on the pit-or grill with a low temp-smokey fire-cook till warmed through-remember-don't over cook-this is already cooked sausage. you can also do boudin balls-don't stuff-just make balls out of mixture and deep fry about 2 to 3 min-drain on paper and serve. Or-use the Boudin to stuff your next chicken you're gonna bake or try it in stuffed bell peppers-with a nice Cajun tomato sauce on top- or-do stuffed cabbage rolls with Boudin!! It don't take long to find out you needs more Boudin! I especially like Boudin stuffed bell peppers!! I alway make extra- so I can sneak in the frige late at night and snag a few and nuke-em quick in the microwave! Copyright 1998 by Phil Mahan Cooking with Da Cap'n

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