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  • doug05446
    Stone Cold Gone Sorry to be so inconsistant lately, but Doug Flair has returned! On to business first, in regards to last columns question about Ric Flair, it
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2002
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      Stone Cold Gone
      Sorry to be so inconsistant lately, but Doug Flair has returned! On
      to business first, in regards to last columns question about Ric
      Flair, it seems that people do prefer him as a heel, as opposed to
      playing a face. Don't forget to check at the end of the column for
      this weeks question.

      I was reading, along with everyone else I am sure, about the news
      regarding "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and WWE. I think that I may have
      a slightly different take on it than many though, as I have been
      looking back at the last few years in WWF history, and realized that
      they may be quite a bit better off without Austin. Austin has a
      history of being a problem backstage, and not always wanting to do as
      he is asked. The first case that I heard about that became public
      knowledge, was when Austin was asked to work a program with Jeff
      Jarrett. Austin refused, as he seemed to think that Jarrett could not
      draw, and so working with Jarrett would somehow hurt his character.(I
      think that Jarrett went on to show that although not quite a draw on
      par with Rock or Stone Cold, he could still work successfully in the
      main event structure of WCW).

      I was then looking forward a little bit, and from the time of the
      Invasion to now, I have seen many opportunites that have been given
      for Austin to job in order to help elevate some younger, or fresh
      talent. Here is a list of talent, that whether due to Austin himself,
      or the booking/writing staff, was looking like they were going to get
      a push in a fued with Austin, but it either never quite materialized,
      or Austin as always was put over as the dominant wrestler yet again;

      Kurt Angle- Perhaps the one wrestler who actually was given the most
      rub from Austin, he looked quite competitive in his fued with Austin.
      I felt that in the end though, Austin still ended up looking the
      unbeatable foe as always.

      Chris Benoit- Another wrestler given a chance to look rather
      competitive, but at the end of most matches they had, Benoit took the
      mandatory stunner, in order to keep Steve on top. In some ways,
      Benoit's injury may have been a blessing in disguise though, as he
      now has a relatively clean slate to start, and now he has no Austin
      to hold him back.

      Chris Jericho- Another wrestler who fits in the Benoit mold, although
      he was not given as much time against Austin. It would not have hurt
      him to have gone over Austin a couple of times, in a clean manner.

      Booker T- The man who looks to be possibly gaining the most out of
      Stone Cold being gone now. After watching him get kicked out of the
      NWO last week, he may be able to take the spotlight that Stone Cold
      had, but he would be able to take the spotlight, without taking away
      any heat from the NWO.

      NWO- While we are on the subject, the NWO was perhaps hurt the most
      of all by Stone Cold. I remember that I was one of the people who was
      truly upset at the manner in which the WWF put Austin over on the
      night in which Booker T was added to the fold. The fact that Austin
      was put over in a match in which every heel on the RAW roster was a
      lumberjack, he still managed to pull off a win. Not to mention the
      handicapped match a couple of months ago, in which Austin also
      managed to beat both Ric Flair and the Big Show in the same match.

      Ric Flair- Again, while on the subjest, Ric Flair has been made to
      look rather unable to hold his own in his matches with Stone Cold. He
      has looked good in the process of teh match, but Austin has always
      managed to come away as the unbeatable face in the end.

      Brock Lesnar- Apparantley the latest victim, he was reputedly to get
      a win over Austin on monday, before Austin decided to take his leave
      of the company. Granted, I don't know if Brock is quite ready to take
      center stage, but the only way to get him a chance to try to shine,
      is to give him some key wins first, and this would have been just one
      on his way to the top. If Brock is to be the man of the future for
      WWE, then they need to give him the rub from some of the top stars.

      If WWE can come to terms with Steve Austin, then I think that the key
      issue will be letting him know that he needs to start to work with
      the bookers in whatever angle they need him in, especially as
      pertains to the future of the company. If Stone Cold is not willing
      to work with the stars of teh future, then there is really no purpose
      to him even returning at all.

      Doug Flair

      Question of the Week: Who would you like to see as the next WWE tag
      team champions?

      Questions/Comments: DougFlair@... and please feel free to
      stop by my new message board at
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