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Updates to DonnaYoung.org: May - August 2011

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    Updates to DonnaYoung.org: May - August 2011 Most of the work that I have done to my web site this year is applying my new page layout to all of the web pages.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2011
      Updates to DonnaYoung.org: May - August 2011

      Most of the work that I have done to my web site this year is applying my new page layout to all of the web pages. The new design has fixed-width sidebars, a fluid middle section, and a blue navigation area added to the bottom of the pages.

      Help with Navigating the web site -- Link Titles: When hovering over a link, a simple message appears, not a popup, just a message that tells you something about the link - I'm adding those (link titles) to the top menu and possibly the new bottom menu that is in the blue area at the bottom of the redesigned web pages.

      Lifepacs Elective Art Unit 4 Lesson Plans
      25 classes, 17 of those are in-class drawing assignments

      Drawing with Children pages edited or rewritten
      While I've been redesigning the individual web pages, I've also been editing or rewriting some of them. The "Drawing with Children pages are an example of that. The lesson page for "Lesson 2: Drawing from Graphics" is changed the most with two new sample lesson plans and one new printable file.

      100-Number Charts
      When I redesigned the 100-number charts page, I added 51 more files.

      Calendars and Household Calendars
      Most of the calendar pages have been updated to the year 2013.
      A link to one of the many calendar pages:

      Attendance Calendars - The most lost calendar
      I received the most emails about 'where are the attendance calendars'. They are under "Homeschool Planner > Administrative > Attendance" instead of the expected calendar section. I'm going to add reminder links to the attendance calendars in the school calendar section at some point.

      Filler Paper - History Themes - "President Paper"
      While redoing this web page, I noticed that some of the files did not print well - they printed with a dark background. I removed the files - there were less than 10 and then I made 86 new ones. The new ones cover all of the presidents and there are two versions of each file, which is why there are 86 files instead of 43. The only difference between the two versions is that one has a numbered rule for evaluation purposes. (-- for example: you can refer to the numbered rule such as "2: agreement, punctuation" -- )

      Family Boot Camp
      Someone asked about the boot camp article recently. It used to be at the blog, but it was missing. I replaced at the web site.

      V Planner V.2 - The Dated Planner hack
      This is for Version 2 of the V Planner.
      If you find yourself completely filling in column E ( the date column for the lesson plans ) then you might like this hack. You can apply it to your V Planner V2 that is already in use. The hack adds a new lesson planner for each student that, with the selction of one date from a drop-down list, retrieves a week of lesson plans based on the dates in column E. It does not affect the rest of the planner in any way. The Hack is already applied in an additional version of the V Planner on the site cd (as of a certain date) and as a download for those who have access to the files.

      YoungMinds, the site-cd, is marked down 22% during August.

      Sincerely Yours,
      Donna Young
      This email may be redistributed and republished

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