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DY Updates: Jan 09 - Feb. 18, 09

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  • doyo1
    The following are the updates to donnayoung.org from January 2009 to today, February 18, 2009. Perpetua Planner
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2009
      The following are the updates to donnayoung.org from January 2009 to
      today, February 18, 2009.

      Perpetua Planner
      In Household I have added the Perpetua Planner. Perpetua planner is a
      small household planner set that uses the perpetua font. The planner
      has PDF files for phone numbers, 18-month calendars, an undated block
      planner, and birthdays and anniversaries. I also added two new DOC
      files - a phone register file and a journal file.
      February 18, 2009

      Papyrus Planner
      In Homeschool Forms I have added the Papyrus Planner. Papyrus planner
      has both homeschooling and household forms. The planner uses the
      papyrus font.
      February 16, 2009

      Bug Movie
      The bug movies are online again. The movies are short and made from
      compiled images. One shows bugs hatching from their eggs and the other
      movie shows the first instar stage. The movies will remain online
      until the last of April.
      February 05, 2009

      Writing Strands
      Two days ago I looked through my son's writing book and was moved to
      ramble a review. I wrote a short bit about the writing curriculum that
      we used during our first three years of homeschooling, Writing Strands.
      January 22, 2009

      Handwriting Fonts
      Several times a year, I am asked font related questions. Today, I
      decided to post information on six different handwriting fonts. The
      pages are located in the penmanship section of donnayoung.org and the
      starting page is linked below. The web pages offer basic information
      on the fonts and where to get the fonts.
      January 15, 2009

      Snowman Planner
      The snowman planner has been around for a while, I made it many years
      ago and it resides on the Site-CD. The planner is only 3 files, 2
      weeklies and 1 quarterly. It features a snowman instead of a check
      box. The planner is now available online in Homeschooler Planner > Sets
      January 14, 2009

      Nature Journal
      Photographs of one of our half-sized nature journals. Some of the
      pages tell how to do certain aspects of the journal, such as specimen
      pages and organizing the pages. Some of the pages do not have anything
      informative and are there just for demonstration. Most of the files
      used to make this journal are available and linked if available.
      January 3, 2009

      Monthly Calendar
      Sometimes I listen. This type of calendar was requested. It is a
      monthly calendar, one month on one page and it is vertical (portrait).
      If you have the late '05 or newer site-cd, a version of this calendar
      exists in xls format on the page: [\cd-dyorg\calendars\blank\index.htm]
      The calendar is in DOC and PDF formats.
      January 1, 2009

      Happy Homeschooling,
      Donna Young

      This email may be redistributed/republished.
      Text file: http://donnayoung.org/new/update-01-09_2-18-09.txt
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